Top Virginia Republican was editor of a yearbook with blackface photos

Another development in the Virginia turmoil. The New York Times reports that Thomas K. Norment Jr., Republican majority leader in the Virginia Senate, was an editor on a 1968 college yearbook that included several photographs of students in blackface as well as racist slurs. The story was first reported by a Virginia newspaper. (link below)

Norment was a senior at the all-male Virginia Military Institute and managing editor of the 1968 edition of the Bomb yearbook. He issued a statement saying, "The use of blackface is abhorrent in our society and I emphatically condemn it” and "I cannot endorse or associate myself with every photo, entry, or word on each page.” He said he did not take the photos or appear in them.

So, OK R’s, let’s hear the brushoff that this doesn’t mean anything …

This is annoying…

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What the hell is going on in Virginia? Do they a different type of drinking water?

Is it last week again already??

Seriously though, own up to your own for a change and stop trying to shift blame.

Let me guess, it’s all trump’s fault?..

Two completely different things. I’m not sure yet why, but I’m confident it will be explained shortly.

Lets see.

1986 vs 1968
Med school vs high school student
In picture with blackface vs editor that didn’t block someone elses picture with blackface

Difference or no difference?

Like you’re owning up to this guy?

And no one is shifting blame, just pointing out that maybe it should be shared.

College, not high school

This tit-for-tat media blitz is getting really boring.

Ooips. Correct.

Trump was alive in 68 therefor it’s his fault.

Do libs understand just how desperate they’re coming off?

Dems go to any length to hide their rascist past!

Never mind the fact that they continue voting in Robert KKK Byrd 5 times or so knowing who and what he was.

And then libs have audacity to lecture us?

So what?

This is not unique to Virginia.

Maybe a there is lesson here…not to be accusing others of racism specially running ads painting your opponent as racist.

Like that ■■■■■■■ Ralph Northam did.

People forget that Richmond was the capital of the South.

In '68 Trump was busy not renting to blacks. Whose fault was that?

They should have hidden their yearbooks then.

It would be a lot easier for people to quit getting outraged over people dressing in a costume 30+ years ago. People do silly things - are there redemption or forgiveness? Although I think it’s all silly I can kinda of understand people getting outraged of something like that happening a year ago but not the 1980’s let alone the 1960’s.