Top Trump Officials Clash Over Plan to Let Cars Pollute More

Here, I’m summarize this whole thing in one sentence.

Trump’s people don’t want be embarrassed and lose in court but the authors are banking on more SCJ’s being friendly to more pollution by the time it gets to them.

You’re welcome.

The argument about more fatalities is stupid
If that is the line you want to in regards to safety then I guess motorcycles have to leave the road. I guess the speed limit will have be lowered for safety reasons too

This is the crux of the problem;

“Under the Obama-era rules, automakers would be required to nearly double the fuel economy of passenger vehicles by 2025, achieving an average of about 54 miles per gallon, thus lowering oil consumption and greenhouse-gas pollution and representing the largest-ever move by the United States to combat global warming.”

We either have to go electric, smaller, much more expensive or a combination to reach these numbers. IMO they are unrealistic and place too heavy a burden on both the automakers and the consumers who can’t afford them.


Yeah I thought they were unrealistic from the get go. I’m never going to buy a tiny car myself.


a whole lot of guys in the south say the same thing (even if they don’t need a big vehicle or have money issues). it’s kind of funny.

I like a big car I can stretch out in like the Buick Lasabre that I am hanging on to.

I could go out and pay cash for a new car or even several cars, but don’t want to.

The truth is, that by you choosing to drive that Buick LeSabre and not buying a new car, are actually doing more to help the environment than someone who went out and purchased a new Prius.


Doesn’t seem to be the problem that you are making it out to be

30000 less than I paid for my last truck.

…and? What does that have to do with anything?

It gets good mileage for a big car (30 mpg highway) and passes the inspections every year.

You can drive for long stretches without getting so cramped up.

…and the damage done from mining the raw materials has already been done. What it now takes to build that Prius is devastating to the environment compared to your choice of continuing to drive your Buick.

You said it was too difficult but companies are already doing it.

I hadn’t thought about that. Good point.

Really…does your truck get 57 MPGs? Due to the sale of your truck, a sale of multiple cars must happen that get even better than 57 MPG to compensate for your truck being a gas guzzler.

So now you are anti mining?

I’m simply pointing out a truth. Can you handle the truth?

Perfect muscle car for lib “men” (assuming they can figure out what they are) trying to pick up chicks.

Lol you are exhibiting two traits of the self identified conservative. First a reluctance for change in this case how vehicles are fuelled and how efficient they are. Second fear. Because GM has not been as successful as Toyota in this regard you see that as threat to you. The fact they are foreign may explain your fear of immigrants.

My truck runs on 4 cylinders very often and if they get the hybrid right I will buy one.

I can handle it far better than you can.

Electric vehicles are going to present other problems over time.

But I am not resistant to change or progress.

Yeah…I know. BTW…how are all of those windmills throughout Ontario working out?