Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

Here’s the teaser trailer for Top Gun: Maverick. Looking forward to seeing the movie in 2020.

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Definitely going to see it, but that trailer isnt all that exciting.

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They been talking about a sequel of this one forever hope it’s good.

I wonder if they will elaborate on the gay scenes. :wink:

Take a ride into the…



300 was the only movie I’ve ever seen that celebrated homoeroticism in such a way that it completely went over the heads of cheering dudebros better than Top Gun. :wink:

How do they not have an electric guitar playing the theme ■■■

Well when Maverick and Iceman show up together as an old married couple, it will be hard to miss. :wink:

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You couldn’t tell him from Kelly McGillis these days, so maybe you would miss it.

Too Gun is a “chick flick” disguised as a guys movie. It never was a guys movie, it was made for female audiences.

It’s going to be a really bad movie that’s going to fun as hell to watch. Can’t wait.

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What?! Top Gun was great, even had its own original Nintendo game. The game was great too. Nobody could land the f-14 on the aircraft carrier, but the final mission was cool. You got to blow up a space shuttle.

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It was a navy recruitment video that was disguised as a gay romance that was also disguised as an action flick.

Let’s go kiss some dudes… No wait, fly some planes!!!



Google “raining men 300 video” when you get a chance.

Maybe kings island will build a new top gun roller coaster!

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Cruise is a crazy man but he I must admit he is one of my favorite actors…

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That always pissed me off. I was a Nintendo master as it came out in 88 during my best video game playing years.

One of two games I couldnt ever actually beat. That and jaws. It was impossible to spear that damn shark with the bow without using a game genie.

Does Tom even really ride in a fighter this time? He couldn’t make it without barfing in the first one.