Top former intelligence bosses speak out in favor of John Brennan

Shocking isn’t it? We elect a thin skinned child, he acts like a brat and actual adults tell him to he’s a brat.

Good job electing a 14yo New York prince to lead the country.

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Great…but the inexcusable rhetoric is still not excused. Next…

why talk about Trump’s tweets in THIS thread?

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The thing Trump doesn’t seem to understand is that when you start attacking entire groups (i.e. the media, the intelligence community, etc.) there is going to be a pushback from that community. We’ve already seen it with the media, and now we’re seeing it with former intelligence leadership.

But, this is all red meat for his fan club - so I guess that’s all that matters to Trump.


Oh, unbiased sources with no financial stake in this, ok.

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Exactly. The spoiled intelligence insiders for life are finally answering to the American voters who elected President Trump.

The thing anti-Trump sycophants don’t seem to understand is that they are attacking the people who voted him in by whining like spurned coyotes at every utterance the President makes.

I am sure there are hundreds of security clearances that can be terminated…and should be.


Tenet, Morell, and the 10 other leading intelligence figures should be thrown in jail. Nobody disrespects Donald Trump and gets away with it.

waterboarding in order?

Waterboarding might be in order. It depends on what kind of deterrence effect we went.

Trump would not receive a TS - see guideline D. Multiple affairs and paying off porn stars demonstrate clear lack of discretion.

Are these the same intelligence bosses that were/are spying on the American people and brennan lied to Congress about their actions??


…and no one of the intelligence department could win a Presidential election…

Its indicative that Trump supporters relish in degrading the experience of long time workers. The “insiders for life” are also the people who know what they are doing, because they have been doing it for so long.

The “boss knows more than the people who actually do the job” mentality is harming both the government and businesses. That notion demeans the notion of doing a job well and elevates the notion that pleasing the boss is more important than getting the job done.

Yeah, and don’t forget to bring up that Access Hollywood tape.

The nauseating habit of trump-haters, to continuously reiterate how much they despise Trump, is always a winning card to be played, during in any discussion relating to Trump. :man_dancing:t6:

Culture of corruption.

Pull their security clearance.

That’s ironic, since the “Thirteen former senior intelligence officials, including 12 former CIA directors and deputy directors and one former director of national intelligence” were just political appointees and bureaucrats.

For these people to support Brennan after he goes on public rants accusing the president of committing treason. the guy has obviously lost his mind, has become unhinged and a national security liability. What’s left to defend? Nothing.

That’s the thing, those political appointees stick together like thieves. There is nothing Brennan could do, no bar too low for him to slither under, that would get those 13 people to ever condemn his actions.

Have you noticed how, with the election of Trump, suddenly the liberal left in the USA loves and trusts the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc…

Curious how the liberal, progressive left thinks the federal government using its power to spy on Americans, is now cool. And they wonder why we think they are becoming insane.

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The liberal left realized how those agencies were used to go after their political opponents.

It is why I’ve tried to warn my follow conservatives long time ago to stop expanding their powers. It’s more likely to be used against them then intended target.

Sure. And every insult that you have used has only been used about a million times before. Nobody cares. But I do know this. Brennan’s temper tantrum isn’t going to do a thing to get his clearance back. It’s gone forever. Yay!!! :laughing:

LOL! :sweat_smile::rofl: