Tom Cotton - Army Ranger?

I have no idea if this is a big deal. This is more of a question to those that would know. It looks like Cotton did go to Ranger School and got a Ranger tab. However, he claimed to be an “Army Ranger,” which I guess it typically understood to be those who served in a Ranger battalion (75th Ranger Regiment).

So, for those who know; no issue, small issue or big issue?

Sen. Tom Cotton campaigned on his "experience as an Army Ranger" — but he didn't have any |

Ranger Tab vs Ranger Scroll

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claimed to be an army ranger in iraw and a-stan
said in an interview “My experience as a U.S. Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan and my experience in business will put me in very good condition.”

instead he actually attended a 2 month ranger infantry course that anyone in the army can attend
he never served in a ranger battalion


:rofl: Good one.


I have as much interest in this as the left did with Blumenthal when he claimed he got spit on when he came back from Vietnam.

Fair enough. Thanks.

This is going to sound like a leading question, but it’s not. If this isn’t an issue I have no intent of trying to make it one. Is “Ranger” a title, if so, is it an official one? Are there different types of Ranger or Ranger titles? If I saw someone with a Ranger tab, would it be appropriate to consider them a Ranger or is something else needed?

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Not official. Yes, if they have a Ranger tab it is appropriate to refer to them as Ranger.

Ranger School is a leadership school. Always has been.

Ranger Battalions are battalions of leaders, also referred to as Rangers, but different.

Every member of the Ranger Battalions is expected to attend and stand out at Ranger School.

Mostly everyone else is expected to survive and graduate. Many don’t and others probably shouldn’t have.

Those that do earned it. It’s not easy


Are there a whole bunch of Army Rangers out there who are upset at Tom Cotton for this? If not, then I don’t have any reason to be upset about it either.

My nephew got a Stetson hat. Pretty sure that means something.

Does he have spurs?

I do. :wink:


Not sure. I heard some talk about them. I should ask.

Just texted my brother.

A better question would be, “which spurs?”

No immediate answer to my text, so he’s probably busy, or out on the river or something.

He’s 3rd Cav quick response strike team, Quicksilver something or other. He can supposedly ride and shoot from a horse lol, didn’t know they still did that. Still working on the spurs, doesn’t have them yet.

This exactly. You can go through the Ranger training course, but not actually service in in a Ranger unit afterwards. Just making it through the course makes you a badass in my book. When I was at jump school the black hats came through one day and asked if anybody was interested in going to Ranger school. I of course did not take them up on the offer. Sorta regret that now. Would I have passed? Who knows, but I should’ve at least pushed myself.

Those are some hella nice boots.

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I have 4 different pairs - occasions.

He can afford it?