Today's Vote....What say You?

Thank you Meri. It’s great to hear from my west coast. :sunglasses:

Do you care to display your thorough knowledge and be more precise? What will be the make up of the 225?

NPR reported this morning that the Democrats elected to tell their side that this is a vote of conscience and did not “whip” to keep everyone in line. Meanwhile the Republicans have been very active in making sure no one on their side breaks rank.

Outcome? Vote goes along party lines with a few defections here and there, but I expect to see the House vote to impeach.

Good to see you my friend…and what is your political opinion on this? What’s the breakdown of the vote?

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Care to be more precise?

Sean Duffy Wisconsin retired end of September his 10th baby born with heart issues.

Alrighty people…I gotta run but…I’ll check back in from time to time.

I’m surprised that so many are too afraid to predict the outcome? Then again…no I’m not but…surprise me? :sunglasses:

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Today’s vote could’ve been held Jan 2016 and it would turn out the same way.


Thanks. Why hasn’t he been replaced?

I agree with a lot of the guesses in the thread. You’ll see 3 to 5 Dems voting with the Republican block. But impeachment will pass.

Primary has been scheduled, I’m not sure when. Sometime in January. He picked an awkward time to resign, 90 days to schedule a primary fell over Christmas holidays and no one wanted that.

Did someone die which would make that seat vacant?

He just quit. His 10th baby was born with heart problems.

Thanks;I was making a pot of tea and I thought that I heard someone say that there had been a death.

Interesting to see that the Republicans move a motion to adjourn that will fail.

Trump could have killed someone on 5th ave and the vote would have been the same.


About 224 Democrats and one Independent will vote for impeachment today. All Republicans and about eight Democrats will vote against impeachment today.

That’s unfortunate, Wisconsin should have full representation for this moment in history.

Obama did. Twice.

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Life happens.

It does indeed.