Today's Vote....What say You?

There are 233 Democrats and 197 Republicans, 1 independent and 4 vacancies…how do you believe the vote will go down? Let’s have some fun and guess the outcome? We’ll then visit this thread at the end of today and see who is right?

Personally, I’d like to believe that there are some politicians left that actually will do what’s right, based on factual evidence, in spite of their political leanings.

I’m going with 197 Rs voting no plus 25 Democrats for a total of 222 against and 208 plus Amash bringing the for total to 209. What say you?

Yes there are politicians left who will do what’s right.

Come on LuLou…let’s play. What say you? You aren’t one to be quiet about things…:sunglasses:

All Rs will say no.

Not all Ds will say yea.

This will show the purely partisan effort to impeach, and will show the meaninglessness of the whole thing.

The Dems hate Trump. We knew that already. Even the ones who vote nay still hate him.

Long shot: Enough Ds will defect to sink the vote.

All R’s present vote no. All but 5 dems at max vote yes.


Damn…when reality is about to be exposed, where no one can say what they did and did not say…wow…so many are quiet? :sunglasses:

Thanks for playing fine sir.

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In the meanwhile, what happened to with that weasel Van Drew’s plan to switch parties?
Will he show up to vote today?

What was the house vote on impeachment in the Clinton impeachment?

Votes largely fell on party lines

The first article alleging Clinton lied under oath when he testified before Independent Counsel Ken Starr’s grand jury about the details of his extramarital affair with Lewinsky was adopted on a 228-206, largely party-line vote. Only five Democrats voted for that article, and five Republicans against.

Article II failed 229-205, with many more Republican defections.

But the GOP majority again prevailed, 221-212, on Article III accusing Clinton of obstructing justice by tampering with witnesses and taking other steps to conceal his affair with Lewinsky.

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There will be fewer than 10 Democrats who vote against Trump’s impeachment. I will go out on a limb and say 1 or 2 Republicans will vote for Trump’s impeachment.

0.5 probability that Trump will get impeached.

0.99 probability that the Senate will not vote to remove the President.

0.7 probability that Trump will be reelected, regardless of the House o’ Representin’.

Now let’s see how honest libs are…amirite? How about you? :sunglasses:

Bold assertion, dude.

I thought you’d be more bold? Why so quiet? Put up! :sunglasses:


This one will be YUUUUGELY.

But… who are those 4 that vacated? :thinking:

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I’d like to know as well. Why do we have vacant seats?

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Realistically, I say 197 Republicans against; 1 Independent against; 3 Democrats against.

I think it is interesting that the Democrats are full steam ahead in insuring that President Trump will be remembered all throughout history! I would have thought they would have wanted him forgotten.

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I don’t believe that there is a right or a wrong way to vote on the impeachment today. I can clearly see both sides of this.

I think that there will be about 225 members of the House that will vote for impeachment today.

Trump was going to be remembered in history regardless. (Not in a good way.) The impeachment just puts an asterisk besides his name.