To My Republican Friends

While I understand the denial phase of grief, you do yourself a disservice by wallowing in it.

There was no material “cheating”, “fraud” or any such thing. Certainly none that would change the outcome of the election.

This talk is media, pundits and “influencers” monetizing emotions. Don’t fall into the same trap the left did with the collusion delusion.

Joe Biden won the election. The dems won. The libs lost. Much like conservatives in 2016, the libs sold their souls to beat a personality.

Let them have it.

In all chaos (from one side), there is opportunity.

This loss may be a fitting end to what may be the worst year in our history. Certainly in my lifetime. Stop and think about it; how could 2020 have ended any other way?

Trump was hired to be a wrecking ball and he did that. What did we want him to do?

  1. Keep Clinton out of the White House. Check
  2. Get textualist judges on the bench. Check.
  3. Cut taxes. Check.
  4. Put the country ahead of the globe. Check.
  5. Address illegal immigration. Check.

The ROI on a wrecking ball was outstanding.

The side in power doesn’t like the pettiness. The constant criticism. The petulance. It’s not “fair”. Neither side.

That is one of the beauties of Critical Theory, all that is required is criticism. It doesn’t even have to be valid.

Now is an opportunity. It is easy to be opposition; hard to govern.

Now is the time to start thinking about voting for the country we want to have instead of the personality to entertain us.

Think about where the true power lies. Focus on policy, not personality. Move on to preparing for 2022. Hold republican pols accountable for policy.

Just my opinion.





impeach 46


Also worth mentioning that 25% of the minority vote went to Republicans this year. Massive inroads have been made.


Hopeful thoughts. Thank you.

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Wholeheartedly agree.

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The possibilities boggle the mind.


Going to be fun watching libs cannibalize one another in coming year…and I’m going to do my part in encouraging it. :smiley:


The justice democrats are going to eat the Dems alive. They’re almost ready.


Because it worked so well for the Democrats?

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Sure would have been nice if that had happened without driving the women off in droves.

LOL IMO it’s going to be entertaining…but will see.


Biden won didn’t he?

They’ll be back.

It may have. We’ll never know because of the 'Rona.

Because of the impeachment? Because of the #resist movement? I don’t think so.

lol… don’t have to do anything. the libs will be dusting off the 25th by march


I dunno man, my wife is royally ticked, maybe she’ll cool off after a while but right now, she wants nothing to do with the letter R.

In part, sure.

Without 'Rona I think Trump would have won in a landslide.

Couple of qualudes, they love me again in the morning.