Tlaib and Omar Antisemites, Media Accessories

Which 5 dems?

Neither of those are true.

When was the last time a Republican criticized Israel?..A Republican still serving I mean… If the USS Liberty incident happened now, we’d be apologizing for damaging their torpedo with our ship.

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See? That just shows your jaded view. It’s clear, your prejudice on the matter.

No answer is going to satisfy you given that you’ve made up your mind.

You haven’t answered the question…

And I explained why.

Ask me again, and you’ll get the same answer.

Having trouble focusing on the subject are we?

That’s a dodge…but that’s ok. I’ll take that as you can’t think of any instances in recent years.

Two congresswomen just teamed up with an antisemitic organization to travel to Israel, rejecting their bipartisan group travelers, a media outlet tried to downplay the antisemitic groups existence to save the congresswomen’s reputation, and you’re asking “Why aren’t people more critical of Israel?”

I can’t even…

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That’s the typical lib tactic when their libberish is being ignored.

And typical Con tactic of using excuse and deflection to not answer a simple question…

That excuses them. I applaud you efforts in making it about Trump, when I was just pointing out the media’s lack of reporting Tlaib and Omar’s direct ties to an antisemitic organization.

It’s an insincere question, dripping with your prejudice. I showed you why it is so. I’m not going to give quarter to that.

Did you read my post?

“I mean in general, not just the subject of this thread or these two Congress women”

No it’s not…it’s a legitimate question. Its almost like one has to appear to back Israel unconditionally as a prerequisite to being elected as a member of the GOP…in my opinion anyway.

I told you why I’m not entertaining your question. And why I consider it insincere. You blew your chance with me.

Maybe someone else will play along for you.

It wasn’t a problem when several Democrats went to Palestine with Miftah in 2016.

Why is it a problem now?

It’s a good thing that political points are more important than Omar’s grandma. Israel doesn’t need that nonsense in their country anyway.

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Which ones?

No where have I excused them. They ■■■■■■ up.

They should work to make it right… but they won’t because it isn’t what we do in this country anymore.