Tipping industry

How about we just get rid of tipping? Pay servers a good wage, and be done with it.

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If that’s how you want to run a restaurant go for it. Others may disagree that tips are not good wages

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Worth a listen! All sorts of perspectives in here, as well as some good research.

How about all of us that are financially able, be generous when you tip. What ever goes through one’s heart when they see someone standing on a street corner, obviously in a bad way, holding a sign asking for money, let that and even more go through your heart to generously tip those making an honest effort. This allows a small business owner a greater opportunity to create a service that appeals to you, while at the same time showing your appreciation to those assisting your enjoyment by YOU being generous.

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It’s the servers who will push back hardest against this.

Unless you start paying servers $25+ an hour, they’ll make more from the tips.

And that’s at a casual dining level. Fine dining would be closer to $50 or $60 and hour.


Darn, and here I thought this was gonna be about tipping cows!

So, yeah, remember that scene from Demolition Man where the cop answers the phone and asks the caller to press a button if they want to speak to an automated voice instead? Because that’s where this is going as machines to handle customers become more common.

The Japanese have already worked out the kinks for improved automat venues too.


I just want the shells

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I hope we get to the point where we can use the three sea shells.

You do realize that they would just be new takes on the sponge on a stick used by the Romans?


Really bad idea. No way any restaurant or bar I ever worked for could afford to pay me in wages what I made in tips. Used to pull down one to two hundred a night for six hours work and that was 1980 when minimum wage was $3.10 an hour. Tax free to boot.


Fun news, most servers and bartenders make less than that in 2021 hourly.

They need to get rid of the $2.83 tipped minimum wage and make it the regular one. That would solve much of the issue.

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Most decent restaurants already have a service charge added to the bill. Tip included and no extra needed from me.

When I was a teenager, Sonic was paying me 6 bucks an hour (5.15 mw then) as a carhop. Still made 60-100 in tips each night. Paychecks paid the bills, tips made life enjoyable.


I’ve been in line at the bank when Sonic carhops come in to deposit.

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I know people who make more. I acknowledge there is a fairly wide range, you aren’t going to make good cash at some pokey rural diner but you can still make good cash at high volume and or high end establishments. Maybe the answer is an optional choice, take your pick, salary and the house keeps any tips or the current set up.

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But what do they do?

One of my favorite forms of charity by the way, is leaving a huge tip for some waiter working their way through school or a single mom. Hate to see tipping go away.