Time to Tear Down Some Statues and Rename Some Roads, Holiday? New mlk Biography

mlk’s philandering has been well known for a long time, but a new book by Pulitzer-Prize Winning biographer David Garrow is now claiming that king stood by and did nothing (well, he looked on, laughed and offered advice) as his friend raped a woman.


If true, this is horrific.

Could be part of these same files.

Wouldn’t it be great if Donald Trump declassified these secret documents on MLK Day, 2020? He would win the election on that very day!

OP, so now you don’t like extramarital affairs?

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There is zero indication that any of this is true (the affair part is well documented, more talking about the rape). We know that J Edgar Hoover wasn’t too fond of MLK and the way he rallied black people in the US.

the only reason the deranged left wants to erase US history so bad lately is because they lost their asses on election day in 2016 to trump


Why does the south want to keep confederate statues so badly? Is it because they lost their asses in the civil war?


Never have. Never said otherwise. Never will.

But as the article makes clear, it’s about more than his personal affairs. mlk was allegedly a direct witness to a rape and he laughed and encouraged it.

i wonder if the left realizes MLK was not aligned with democrats they would start tearing him down too

then again maybe they dont know it was the democrats all along who were the most racist

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Of all the statues that the left wants to take down… how many of those statues are of adulterers?

Zero southern republicans voted for the CRA.

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nah i think because it keeps them connected to their southern heritage and reminds them of how we’ve overcome so much to be a better nation.

best to ask someone from the south

Ask pelosi. Her dad was at the dedication ceremony of one.

And then he got his own statue. The stories she could tell…

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Proof of your first sentence?

Democrats before the 1964 CRA were the party of racists. That changed once the liberal side of the party took over an gave me and my parents more rights.

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but who was it with the dogs and firehoses on the school steps?


Oh I’m asking you. Stop deflecting.

You made the claim, I asked a question to further elaborate on your claim and you jump to pelosi.

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You didn’t ask me. And I’ll change the subject just as much as you are. Live with it.

I’m very focused. You suggested that the left should want to tear down roads because MLk had affairs.

I’m asking you how many statues does the left want to take down because the person had an affair?

Correct I asked thinkingman and you jumped in to answer for him. And you deflected.