Time to Tear Down Some Statues and Rename Some Roads, Holiday? New mlk Biography

I didn’t suggest anything of the sort. You’re still not focused.

“Time to tear down some statues and rename some roads, holiday? New MLK biography”

Explain the purpose of your OP title, which clearly suggests the tearing down of MLK statues.

I wasn’t answering for him. He can answer for himself as many times as he wants.

Not sure you should be

Well by your own keen insight… I didn’t ask you a question. But you felt the need to answer.

Maybe think through your answers before playing captain save-a-con?


george wallace was successful in politics well into the 70’s, carried a few states in at least one pres election i believe

this proves and speaks to both points i made in my post

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Ah. So this is one of those threads where we dig up dirt, founded and unfounded, and use it as an excuse to overshadow any significant accomplishments a person may have had. How about we just get rid of all statues, dedicated holidays and history books? Then we won’t have these silly discussions.

The title of the thread mentioned nothing of his philandering in conjuction with the removal of said items. Neither did the body.

But other potential evidence suggests a new look at his historical importance. If true, it’s horrific.

Grew up in the South.

Take them down.


Because George Wallace was still a Racist Democrat AFTER the CRA, that means that the entire party POST 1964 is racist?

Does Steve King alone make the entire Republican Party Racist?

I’ll reply to any post/person I want to reply to.

There’s simply nothing you can do to prevent it.

the OP is obviously a sarcastic retort at how the left wants to hide select aspects of US history

like how Buttigag wants to hide names like jefferson etc because they were slave owners

surely you see that and agree

This is fun

“Time to tear down some statues and rename some roads, holiday? New MLK biography”

Did someone else write you OP title for you? You put tearing statues and renaming roads together with an unverified article about MLKs adultery.


Was MLK a confederate army general fighting for southern slave owners? If not, how is the current movement the same as what the Op is clearly suggesting?

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no but again, he had a following into the 70’s

even your beloved joe “six pack punch clock” Biden was described as a “soft segregationalist” in the 70’s.

not quite the beaming progressive party that high school taught you they were

Show me where I told you not to reply to me?

Are you responding to the voices in your head? I want you to reply to me… I am curious about your thread.

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No, those were all dimocrats.

As a black man, I’ll take my changes with the Democrats for now. They aren’t perfect, but I can feel good knowing that their policies aren’t universally endorsed by neo nazis and white supremacists.


So? Are libs suggesting taking them down because they were Democrats?

you presume to know what the threshold is for the left’s desire to hide US history.

no he was no such thing. but it is suggested he wasnt perfect either, and perhaps much worse.

if he were a founder, or nationalistic, i bet there would be another antifa-like fascist movement to erase his name and legacy too.

much like “god bless america”

i really honestly hope you dont believe republicans are like that

my god