Time to shut down social media?

Yes. But this kind of shop lifting is SCARY on video.


Mostly peaceful shopping.


But deny, deny, deny.

Not the narrative we want to hear. Stores must be doing this for funsies.

When DA’s don’t prosecute smaller thefts, what message does this send to thieves?


Those that are involved with smash and grab would be the first people that would steal from anyone at first opportunity. Society would be better off without em.

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Your story is from 2 years ago.

June 2021 was not two years ago?..and are you suggesting shoplifting has decreased in the last year or so?

But here

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Is smash and grab the new “reparations”?


Either when people get tired of it enough they will either move from the place or the businesses will leave. No one could enjoy living in a place this stuff is going on all the time.

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The story wasn’t written in June of 2021. It helps to actually read the article.

The thefts add up to billions in losses every year. The National Retail Federation reports so-called retail “shrink” totaled $61.7 billion in 2019, up from $50.6 billion the year before. This is in large part because of increases in shoplifting and organized retail crime.

Loss prevention experts predict desperation, largely the result of the pandemic, will bring another double-digit increase in 2020.

Every conservative blog you find clutching their pearls over shoplifting is just proving my point for me.


Well, something is being done about it. It is called “smash and grab” because “looting” is racist.

"Aside from the organized crime rings, the growing problem has been attributed to police officers’ apparent reluctance to pursue retail criminals in the current political climate, prosecutors’ failure to prioritize larceny and theft, and the decriminalization of low-level offenses in some jurisdictions.

Meanwhile, two progressive criminal justice experts suggested the news media and law enforcement officials should stop using the term ‘looting’ to describe the brazen store robberies, arguing that the term is racist. "


For gosh sakes, they used the latest statistics available.
And every progressive is using every excuse they can to hide the results of their progressiveism.
And, as always, the foremost is…don’t look here, there’s nothing to see.


No, they don’t. But that’s not even the point.


You see what you want to see. Do you really think we’re not familiar with the pattern by now?

Ebola. The “knockout game.” Gang initiations. Razor blades in apples and poisoned Halloween candy. Heavy metal. Rap.

When you want an existential threat, you find one.


Lol whut?

The Narrative only works if they convince themselves that liberals are pro shoplifting.

It’s some blm quote. I O W something to be angry about.

When and where was this going on before?

Rick Moranis didn’t get knocked out?

Drives me crazy that people either excuse this stuff or look the other way. But if you switch the races it’s headline news.


@TheDoctorIsIn does this often. “Oh that? That’s always happened! It’s not worse.”


It was pretty popular back in 2011.