Time to shut down social media?

Is it time for the govt to shut down social media platforms? The amount of Smash and Grabs that have occurred lately couldnt have been accomplished without it. Should the Social Media companies bear any responsibility? They sure are quick to remove political content they dont agree with. Why cant they remove content about smash and grabs?

I am all for free speech, and am at a loss on how to handle this. I think maybe a balance could be that all posts go through an approval procedure before they are actually posted . During that time, if the post is found to promote violence or looting, it would be rejected. If not objectionable, then it could be posted an hour or so later.

There are going to be real people suffering from this. Most likely the poor when all the businesses refuse to have stores in neighborhoods with high crime.

Until we have open season on loiters it’s going to continue


Social media is a net loss for society, but couldn’t these incidents have been organized just as easily with cell phones and group texts?


No. There’s a pesky thing called the First Amendment that would get in the way.

Of course.

“Flash robs” aren’t a new thing, just a new boogeyman.


It didn’t take long, did it?

quote=“Oryx, post:3, topic:240844, full:true”]
couldn’t these incidents have been organized just as easily with cell phones and group texts?
[/quote] one would think so

I’m wondering if these instance are just more numerous now, or just increased reporting on them?

For what?

Is “smash-and-grab” the new CRT?

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I wonder if that may be where it all leads to. Perhaps security guards with machine guns and you have to sign a liability waiver to enter.

How will these mega corporations survive when they‘re losing literally … thousands of dollars of merchandise? Will someone please think of the corporations.

And then the telephone?

If people are doing this online, that seems like a possible way to catch them.

No, reject this “how do we have equity so that all groups are in jail the same” and hand out some serious time to those caught. Fund more police on the ground. Provide more protections to those who are defending their property.

In other words, do the reverse of everything progressives are doing that is causing the problems.

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No. There is a relationship.

No problem. They will pass it on to the rest of us, of course.
We are the ones that will eventually pay for it

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Scared suburbanites?

These losses are probably a rounding error for Home Depot.


More like the new knock out game

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It’s amazing how the entire right appears to have discovered that shoplifting exists overnight, in 2021.