Time to Donate to the Trump Campaign

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That’s nonsense. Trump (or any male) can only treat women as badly as the women allow.

She could have put him in jail the same day.

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So sexual assault only occurs if the female accuses?

Trump was not convicted of sexual assault.

I saw my mother naked as a child I don’t think she committed indecent exposure.

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High road.

Absolutely not, but it’s hard to convict or even know if the victim won’t say.

describe for me a situation where a grown man is taking showers naked with his daughter and yes, I think we can assume he was naked in the shower with his daughter and that not be sexual assault

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Or wait decades until they can make a buck.


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It might have been a beach shower.

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One where there is no touching, inappropriate but not sexual assault.

28 years.

Trump basically admitted to sexually assaulting women when he said he just grabs women. So unless 100 percent on the women he did that to were ok with it he did. If one woman took his hand and pushed it away it was sexual assault.

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Not in 1996.

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Like it, lets save all this court nonsense and say guilty anyway.

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Presidents are convicted in the court of popular opinion.

You mean elected. Convictions are for a court.

Trump has been formally accused of sexual misconduct by more than two dozen women over the years. Those are just the ones we know about.


So what?