Time to Donate to the Trump Campaign

I wasn’t much of a supporter, till this verdict. Never made a donation to him. I will donate now, and i think many think as I do.

This is bad for America, and needs to be stopped.


He does have a lot of legal bills to pay. Go for it. The more you spend on HIM, the less you spent on local and state races.


How does giving money to Trump obviate the fact that he is a convicted felon?

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Rod Blagojevich is on my TV now, proclaiming that Trump will get “historic numbers in the black community” because he got convicted. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Even better. Why on earth would you willingly give money to a convicted felon? Seems like a pretty dumb move to me.



Give more than you were planning on!



That seems to be the working principle for the GOP right now. Make sure Trump’s legal bills get paid - to hell with everything else.


Dude stole from his own charity. Guilty of fraud from his alleged university. Raped a woman then defamed her.

It says as much about the folks giving him money as it does about him.


He took over the RNC, which will help him accomplish that.


Geewhiz @Ceasar, Look what you did to that lonely flock of crows. :rofl:

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Who would have guess that the post Reagan and religious/evangelical right GOP would so easily be taken over by a philandering/adulterating, greedy, angry, prideful , lazy, sexual assaulting felon. ( Almost all of the cardinal sins) It’s amazing


And then they’ll gripe that they don’t have enough money for groceries.

Gee, I wonder why???


So? You think people donating don’t know that?

How does someone deciding to donate to Trump mean they spend less on local and state races? They can still donate to others races also.


Don’t donate to Trump he’ll just use your money for xyz!!!

Stamps foot really hard



Andrew Tate making Republicans proud tonight, regarding donating to Crooked Donald.

Well done!


Absolutely if they budgeted for that. But if , like many smart household, a family budget a certain amount for political activities, let’s say and make up a number 2000$ and let says they had originally planned to give 1000 to trump and 1000 to local/state races. If a family members decide to donate, after viewing that a certain politician has been convicted of over 30 felonies, to donate the full 2000 budgeted to political activities to that single politicians…what happens to local/state races? Either they have to rebudget and cut somewhere else , no more ballet classes for Julie perhaps, to give to local races or the local races are just out of luck.

I mean it’s not like they, like the fed, can just print all of the money forced right? Budgets are a staple of financial savvy household wouldn’t you say?

Well, that’s whole lot of supposition, what if and fantasy ■■■■■■■■■


Imagine giving money to someone who has been found liable for financial fraud twice and criminally convicted of falsifying business records.

This “billionaire” will take great care of your money :wink:


These lawyers are getting rich losing cases for Crooked Donald while none of the cash goes to his “campaign” lol slick scheme.

Send money!!!

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Yup. Just supposition.


And the April 6 fundraiser, to be held by the coordinated committee Trump 47, is dividing the money among the Save America group, the Trump campaign (which is also paying some of the former president’s legal bills), the RNC and local Republican parties.

The arrangement could complicate things for further fundraising. Big donors might be reluctant to contribute money to a Trump or GOP committee if they think it will go to pay Trump’s private legal bills. And the more the RNC is burdened with helping the presidential campaign, the less it has to help down-ticket candidates – crucial in a year when the GOP is in grave danger of losing control of the House and also well-poised to take control of the Senate.

f the Colorado Republican Party had employees in April, they didn’t get paid.

It’s the first time in at least 20 years the party didn’t pay any employees.

And the party’s actual bank accounts have less money than the $120,540 a recent filing said the party had on hand, the GOP acknowledged in an addendum filed Saturday with the Federal Election Commission.


M> innesota Republicans are heading into the next election season low on money and way behind DFLers on that front, but state GOP Chair David Hann disputes characterizations that the situation is bleak for his side.

A federal campaign report filed last month by the Minnesota Republican Party showed just $53 on hand with more than $335,000 in unpaid bills at the end of May. The party was also low on available cash in its state account and carrying debt in its year-end report for 2022, including a still-outstanding rent payment for last year’s state party convention.

After an individual’s donations hit the limit for both the campaign and the Save America PAC, the Republican National Committee will receive funds, followed by individual state Republican parties.

The maximum annual contribution to a leadership PAC is $5,000. The contribution limit means that only a fraction of major donors’ contributions would go toward legal bills, while a higher percentage of small-contribution donors’ money would go to legal bills, rather than be funneled to the RNC.

In Arizona and Michigan, two states where the GOP presidential candidate will likely have to win a majority of suburban voters to get back in the White House, the state Republican parties are running critically short on money. In Arizona, the state GOP has just $14,800 left in the bank at the end of August, as reported by the Arizona Mirror.

In Michigan, the state Republican Party had $93,000 in its bank accounts as of July 2023. A recent draft report shared by insiders with MLive in early December said that the party was on “the brink of bankruptcy.”

Who would have though that budgets, fiscal stewardship and the financial limits of us citizens have to be argued 0-o

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