Time’s person of the year…

Taylor Swift???


Wow… I guess the whole Traylor thing was enough to push her over the hump.

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What a time to be alive. :rofl:

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Time list of picks included hollywood strikers and barbie. Not exactly stellar canidates. Shows the delusion of media.


I can see it.

She grossed over $1b on a single tour.

It’s so big it is a financial thing.
(CNBC Wall St Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg.)

A film of the tour is #20 in box offices now (over $250m globally)
and nobody watches it sitting down the movie theater becomes a dance club for teenage groupies (Think: film cult phenomenon like Rocky Horror)

From Time Mag this Aug

The Eras Tour is projected to generate close to $5 billion in consumer spending in the United States alone. “If Taylor Swift were an economy, she’d be bigger than 50 countries,” said Dan Fleetwood, President of QuestionPro Research and Insights, in a story for GlobalNewsWire. On the opening night in Glendale, Ariz., the concert brought in more revenue for local businesses than Super Bowl LVII, which was held back in February in the same stadium.



  • Taylor Swift Eras tour total consumer spending $5n
  • US Avocado sales $2.2b

Less than 12% of the entire US population lives along the Left Coast.

Shows the delusion of a small, isolated population of weirdos and drug addicts, separated from civilization by a giant empty desert. :wink:


Oh c’mon you’re just jealous because the biggest date film of the last hundred years came out during someone else’s generation.

Tell ya hwhat, you can every single one of these. I’ll even be your wingman. :rofl:


Neckbeard says wut.


Should have been Riley Gaines.

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Person deeply imbedded into Right Wing Content Creator world says wut.

great choice.



no they dont pick impressive people, they arbitrarily pick popular lefty darlings

Trump was Person of the year in 2016.

oh but that was 7 some years ago.

you think they learned their lesson?

hint; who was POTY then on?

Elon in 2021.

I’m mean, you’re not wrong. But, you’re also not right.


but….Elon was a favorite lefty dream till he bought and took over one of the lefty’s favorite propaganda platforms.

a lot changes in a couple years nowadays i know

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I thought it was because she’s dating the best tight end in professional football. :sunglasses:

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She’s bigger than avocados. (wink)
How many people can say that?

Just trying to stay relevant.