Time magazine person of the year

biden and harris

i expect trump is going to have an epic twitter meltdown tomorrow

personally they wouldnt have been my 1st choice (i would have picked front line workers) but i have no real problems with teh choice

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Maybe we’ll print his own copy of Time magazine and put his picture on it. :rofl:


I completely forgot he had fake Time Magazines with him on the cover hanging at his properties. What a pathetic loser.


It was this one. Time made him take it down.

Why is this important?

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Well we know a certain someone thinks it’s important.
Just read what he tweets about it in the morning.

I bet Time is just trolling him at this point.



Couldn’t they pick just one.


Even as Time honoree Biden needs propped up.

Totally should have been THE NURSE. Not even close.

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No surprise time picks buffoons like sniff and blow. Its close to who time picked in leaders like Hitler, Stalin, and ayatollah.

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Like when they actually picked Trump… in 2016.


Nahhhh…it perfectly matches the nobel prize Obama rec’d. All it does, is devalue what once had value.

But, but, but THAT 1 time the magazine was good, because it caused lib tears.

Orange man bad.
Trump lost get over it.

He’s tweeting like a nut as we speak, and as usual, has a full day of ‘executive time’.


I’ve got more productive things to do then troll the internet looking for things to be outraged over. Unless it’s within my direct sphere of influence in life, I don’t really give a damn.

I haven’t had any respect for this since they named me Person of the Year in 2006 or whatever.


I remember Time magazine.