Time for restrictions on the obese, the vaccinated, the marijuana smokers?

Which is the same reasons they grew pot before it was “quote” legalized". But now the left is in favor of putting people in jail for pot. That’s the only change…

Growing weed was illegal. Today it is legal, with regulations. Think alcohol.

I am not in favor of throwing people in jail for smoking weed. I am in favor of penalties for people who skirt regulations to continue to grow weed illegals.

Do you have an example of someone going to jail, in CA, for growing weed?

With Government mandates, who what and where need to be addressed. What are the repercussions for refusal to comply? Jail time? That would be self defeating, because the unvaccinated person would then be introduced to a confined environment with no vaccination. Fines? Lots of unnecessary court cases and still non-compliance.

With private enterprise a person still has a choice. Repercussions for non-compliance would be refusal of entry or employment.

Big government is never the answer.

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Certainly not jail time.

But government mandates for air travel? For large indoor events? I don’t know…

I do think the private sector is going to take care of this, and I am also hopeful with our current vaccination levels, current infection levels, boosters available to the most vulnerable, and therapeutics, that we will avoid a fourth wave this winter and things will be pretty ‘normal’ from here on out.

But anything we can do to speed teh process is good by me.

People should knock off pot smoking. Pot smokers may put us at risk.

This will piss off pot smokers rights to get wasted


Would employment restrictions on the obese include not being able to be president of the USA?

How’s that private sector thing work when you have idiots like Gov Abbott issuing mandates against private sector mandates?

Just another small government conservative keeping the dirty hands of government off the pristine shiny free market.

Fat Stacey can’t be governor of Georgia.

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I disagree with my governor on this.

They aren’t “private sector” mandates, but he had no business doing what he did.

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I believe Abbott is wrong on this one. Government needs to stay out of the way and let the private sector sort this out.

Jbiden started it.

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