Time for restrictions on the obese, the vaccinated, the marijuana smokers?

Studies from earlier this year showed that obesity increases the risk of super-spreader events by increasing the amount of exhaled aerosols, and obesity reduces the effectiveness of vaccinations.

An analysis of recent data from Britain shows negative vaccine effectiveness among people over 30 years old. The vaccinated are now more likely to get infected based on this data.

A new study indicates that marijuana smoking increases the risk of breakthrough COVID cases.

Should there the be travel bans and employment restrictions on the obese, on the vaccinated over 30, on the people who use marijuana?

Or does “follow the science” only apply when it agrees with the party line?


All of this said while ignoring the science that the unvaccinated are the people clogging the healthcare system.

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Yes, delusions are dangerous.

The problem is not the unvaccinated. The problem is that the vaccines are far less effective than they were advertised. The fully vaccinated are driving the ongoing outbreak in the UK.

Singapore is seeing a record number of COVID cases even with one of the highest rates of vaccination in the world. Its response is to reduce restrictions instead of doubling down on failed policies. Finally there is a government that is actually listening to what the data is saying.

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From your own link…

“The country of 5.45 million people has been reporting record daily COVID-19 infections of more than 3,000 over the past few days, though almost all the cases are asymptomatic or mild.”

Why should restrictions be placed on people that are not straining the healthcare system?

Your articles prove the effectiveness of the vaccines in protecting people from hospitalization and death.

Please get vaccinated.

I am vaccinated.

I am pro-choice and pro-freedom. I am anti-Vaxist, not anti-Vax.

Wait… the one person who comes on here every day to talk about how the vaccine doesn’t work is VACCINATED???


Just Wild.



Your articles highlight the effectiveness of the vaccines in establishing open societies without the risk of widespread death from Covid.

The sooner we get nearly everyone vaccinated the sooner we will have life back to normal.


Yes. Singapore is getting along just fine.

The “crash the medical system” mantra has been a huge disinformation campaign from what I see. New York City used virtually none of the capacity in the hospital ship and the field hospital ship that federal government set up in the initial epidemic.

New York State is firing trained hospital staff, many of whom have superior immunity from previous infections and calling out the National Guard to replace them. Clearly they do not care about crashing the medical system now.

Hochul orders National Guard to fill N.Y. hospital shortages caused by staffers not vaccinated against COVID (msn.com)

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I have no problem with people choosing to get vaccinated. I would encourage anyone in a high risk group to get vaccinated.

I agree with the recommendations from Dr. Rand Paul from July:

If you’re over 65, without question, I think the vaccine is much safer than the disease. And I would recommend vaccination. If you are over 40 and overweight, I’d recommend vaccination.

If you’re under 25, the risk of COVID is about one in a million, less than the risk of being struck by lightning.

So if you feel that you want extra safety and you decide for your children, that’s fine. But the thing is, everybody should get to make their decision.

Sen. Paul Recommends Vaccination for Two Groups of People–But Says They Should Decide | CNSNews

Forcing vaccination on people who already have immunity from a previous infections makes zero sense. So does forcing vaccinations on healthy children who have extremely low risks from the disease.


Rand Paul is a ideologue.

Listen to the experts on infectious disease.

What we are seeing in Britain is that the fully vaccinated are driving outbreak.

The outbreak will only end once the population reaches herd immunity as a result of people getting developing natural immunity from exposure to COVID.

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Same MO will go after private firearm ownership.

That is where a stand will be made Constitution…unabridged.

Obese would be a win win…won’t happen.

The White House push to force those have superior natural immunity from COVID to get vaccinated is a prime example of ideology trumping science.

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a dependence on marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, opioids and tobacco — were more likely to contract the coronavirus after receiving both of their vaccination shots.

If I were to speculate here, I’d guess there’s a non-social distancing that plays more of a factor here than what’s listed.


I still don’t understand this mania that people have for not getting vaccinated especially when they themselves are vaccinated.

What is gained by every single day arguing against the best thing available to stop the pandemic?

It is a weird obsession.


I don’t understand why they insist on ignoring natural immunity.

It is the flaw that ruined the response along with the opening of the border.

Some special kind of stupid on display. I appreciate Rand Paul more every day…He would be a fantastic President.


Yes, perhaps. People who engage in one risky behavior may be more likely to engage in others.

Of course we raised the national drinking age to 21 even for people without drivers licenses in the name of preventing drunk driving.

It’s called “freedom” my friend and losing that is the greater evil than not being vaccinated.


Absolutely not.