Thug Culture State of Mind

Another kid in another fast food place…

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Too bad she didn’t have a gun on her.

He. And I can’t see how that would have made any difference.

"Brian Durham Jr., 16, was rushed to a hospital Thursday after a dispute in which he was reportedly not involved escalated into gunfire, FOX 10 of Phoenix reported.

“The customer reportedly walked up to the drive-thru window, pulled out a handgun and fired into the drive-thru window hitting the victim working inside the store,” said Sgt. Vincent Cole of the Phoenix Police Department."

gooddad was talking about Ashling Murphy, in Ireland.


Yeah! Boomer.

My bad.

Your turn is coming kid. :stuck_out_tongue:

I embrace new technology.


I am. I use emojis all the time. It’s some of you kids who have a hard time expressing your emotions digitally. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thug. Assailant not described.

Probably deliberately.

Ongoing thuggery.

LA Trains have been getting looted at a horrible rate. Might be why your Christmas package didn’t arrive.

So much discarded debris on the tracks from rippied-open packages that a train derailed.

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Walked in and stabbed her.

I posted this one yesterday, two posts up.

Notice how hard the media work not to give a description of the attacker in this case.

Doesn’t matter. Thug is thug.

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Too bad she wasn’t packing. She could have shot his ass off in self defense.

Yeah the lack of a description probably tells you something.

Sad…again thug culture.

Did you miss this?

Police described the suspect as a tall, thin, Black male, wearing a dark hoodie, sunglasses, a white N-95 mask, dark skinny jeans, dark shoes and carrying a dark backpack.

Obviously lying racists.

If you say so.

Ah. Buried at the bottom. Like I said, “Notice how hard the media work not to give a description of the attacker in this case.”

No. Either the media are racist for reporting it was a black guy, or thugs are racist for, yet again, being black.