Threats to Diamond district?

Unless the governor Cuomo and mayor De Blasio don’t meet their demands?

Interesting…is Cuomo and De Blasio going to give in to their terrorist threats?

Stay tune as libs world turns.

And yet Twitter is allowing there platform him to set up an orginize this attack…interesting as well.

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Sounds like terroristic threats to me.

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He isn’t a leader of the protests.

He says he is.

“I’m a leader of this FTP movement. It means a lot of things,” the protest leader said. “It could mean ‘free the people,’ it could mean ‘for the people,’ or it could also mean ‘fire to property’ and you know that’s very possible.”

How do you know he isn’t?

Good for him.

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Do you have a reason for your statement, or are you just winging it?

There are no real leaders to the current protests in reality there are dozens of groups, even then he isn’t the head of any major group like BLM, etc.

he seem to just be some random guy.

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baseball has been canceled …

Personally…it would be big mistake. Once you go into a rich lib stronghold like Diamond district you see a complete smack down in like those protestors have never seen before.

That’s there playground.

It would be stupid to attack a Jewish district period.

What exactly are you saying here?

it would be a public relations death to their message if they start attacking other minorities.

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Except they are already doing it. You do realize many businesses in minority districts are owned by minorities right?


Says the random guy on an internet discussion board.

I’m the King of Canada.


I don’t have any proof you’re not.

All the proof you need is that he said it.

These protests have not been happening in “minority neighborhoods” - at least in NYC, LA, SF and DC.