Thousands of former justice officials call on Barr to resign

Over 2000 forme doh officials have called for Barr to resign over his politicizing cases to benefit trump and his allies. In addition a group of over 1000 judges have called an emergency meting over administration interference in cases

S o much for the rule of law…

That’s the right of the former DOJ officials.

I don’t think the judges should be meeting at all.

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When the administration starts to interfere in cases for political reasons they need to meet

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No they don’t. What are they going to do, try and fire the President or Attorney General?
Are they going to compare notes?
Are they going to conspire against the DOJ and become biased in their rulings?

They have NO reason to meet and discuss.

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Sure they have a reason. They want to and feel like it. Welcome to America

FORMER officials.

Always FORMER or EX this-or-that.



Yea, what do they know :joy:

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Do these “thousands” of former officials have the official authority to call for resignations?


Former Officials?

Oh man, y’all are gonna show him! lol

Barr has started looking into some of the practices of those ex DOJ officials. So far the DOJ IG has completed the review of one case and found DOJ officials who altered evidential documents and who committed fraud before the FISA court.
And that is just the beginning of Barr’s looking into the actions of DOJ officials and ex DOJ officials.
Maybe a number of them have good reason to want to get rid of Barr.

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I remember voting for someone who would have authority to determine who should be the AG. I don’t remember voting for any of those ex officials.

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That is a political question. As long as the DOJ is acting within their Constitutional authority, Judges need to stay out of it. And that should come up in particular cases before the judge.
But from reading about this meeting, it seems to me there is more to it in the media than in reality.

For ex DOJ officials, they can spout off just like posters in this forum. Federal judges are separate branch of government. They do not tell the other politiical branches how they should act, unless it comes up in particular cases.
Ginsburg made some negative comment about Trump a couple of years ago but had to walk it back because that is not how judges act.

Well that is not true. Barr also looked into the alleged corruption and non-prosecution of Hillary Clinton for the Uranium One conspiracy theory and the Clinton Foundation, and determined everything was 100% on the up-and-up there, which officially put those two conspiracy theories to bed.

I was not aware of that. Good. It shows that Barr is acting impartially.

These guys are current:

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Thousands eh? And a thousand plus judges. I’m sure there’s nothing to see here.

The “official authority”?

They have the same “authority” as anyone else does to call for resignations - the First Amendment.

Hundred bucks says the next move is Republican Congresscritters threatening you defund the courts. This is their go to move.

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