Thoughts ofthe Other Supreme Court Justices

I am sure like me many are completely over the Kavanaugh situation. He is going to be confirmed, will sit on the SC for life and we can move on to the next political outrage.

However, from everything I have read and experienced the Supreme Court justices themselves do their best to elevate the SC above petty partisan politics and do their best to rise above their own political leanings. But I am also capable of understanding that even if a decision does not go the way I would like I am not run around screaming and crying about legislating from the bench. Instead I take the time to read and understand their opinions.

Kavanaugh knows his emotional outburst last week hurt his credibility in being able to rise above partisan politics which is critical for a SC Justice. It is very unbecoming for a potential SC Justice to be ranting about Democrat hit jobs and talking about revenge. Yes, he has a right to be outraged if falsely accused but the bar is much higher for a SC judge because they will sit for life and have a huge impact on the lives of Americans for generations to come.

Which brings me back to my original thought, I wonder what the SC Justices are making of all of this and I wonder how he will be received when he takes his position?

I think we’ve known for some time that the SCOTUS is a politically branch of the government. It kind of has to be, when politicians decide who they want on the court. I think we’ve pretended that it’s not that way for awhile, but now we’re ready to be upfront about ruling based on political biases.

I do and while I did not agree with all his decsions, I can respect the basis on which he made them.

Lets not forget SC Justices are human, they will make mistakes, at times they may even make decisions fueled from petty desires but overall we have to trust the system.

To a certain point. Trust in a system has a breaking point however.

Clarence Thomas?

Only libs make it political. The others follow the constitution, regardless of political implications.

Kavanaugh attacked Democratic politicians for blindsiding him at the last moment on a very personal basis. Subsequently, he admitted he was too emotional and that his actions werent appropriate. (His admission, I don’t agree).
Ginsburg attacked the last Republican candidate for President. Subsequently she admitted her actions weren’t appropriate.
What would she think?

You would have to have put every other justice through the same kangaroo court as what Kavanaugh just experienced. Then one could set a standard of conduct while those justices were being abused and accused, with their appointment in jeopardy. Without that… Kavanaugh’s and Thomas’ behavior cannot be compared or contrasted with any other of the justices. They were put through hell.

Libs made SCOTUS a political branch so they didn’t have to answer to American people.

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Libs, this libs that. Wahhhhh!


Remember…men are victims here…the GOP is a victim here.


Yup. The poor babies have to pretend that the Devil’s Triangle is a drinking game. Pour one out for the conservatives…

I’m really really really going to enjoy replacing Ginsburg with Amy Barrett or Joan Larsen and Breyer with Raymond Kethledge.

I can see the flood of tears now. All we need to do is hold onto the senate. Control most of the states then we control the senate. Our job is to keep elitist/snobbish libs penned into there stronghold/enclave and we will accomplish that.

I don’t think this was ever true outside of perceptions

That you would enjoy it is not in question. The question is IF

As long as repugs prevent libs from breaking out…they will control the senate.

While I disagreed with nearly every opinion Scalia ever wrote, he was a brilliant jurist, and stayed well above partisan politics.

His judicial ideology was, inarguably, “right wing” - but that’s not the same thing as partisanship.

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Kavanaugh is most likely a continuation of Kennedy, or not too far removed from him. Libs were wailing and crying and shouting obscenities as if though they were having their teeth pulled one at a time. I can’t imagine what it would be like if Ginsburg were replaced with a true conservative.
But I can try.

Then on what basis did you disagree?

This is another reason why I will be voting Democrat for Senate this election. If Ginsburg ends up getting replaced with Barrett or Kethledge, the Supreme Court would then be too far right-leaning.