This just happened

I think that a couple of red state Democrats up for reelection will also vote for him.

I am sick an tired of news stories that don’t tell you anything, but tell you folks reactions to that something. The linked story doesn’t say what’s in these e-mails, it tells us what some folks think the e-mails imply, but doesn’t tell us what is in those e-mails.

I am sick about so called news being all about peoples feelings or interpretation and not about what happened.

I skimmed through the emails and couldn’t help but think, “meh.”

But maybe that’s the point. If complete nothingburger emails like this are being blocked from release, it kind of undercuts the reason why the GOP are blocking all of these emails.

He completely beclowned himself, and he was thoroughly discredited too. He’s a grand stander and already running for POTUS.

He’s a joke. So much grand standing and crocodile tears. And he’s the guy who said voting for Kavanaugh would make the person complicit in evil.

Maybe because it happened while he was a staffer under GW Bush and has nothing do to with his career on the bench? This took place shortly after the 9/11 attacks too.

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I am seriously confused. If it was clear and this was grandstanding (which I’m not ruling out), why did the GOP Senators make a huge deal about it not being cleared? I was listening to it live and the GOP was furious about it.

Are they claiming the documents were cleared retroactively? Did Booker grandstand and the GOP Senators simply didn’t know?

It’s incredibly confusing.

Booker’s “Spartacus” moment?

Can we crucify Booker the traitor and really make him feel like Spartacus?

This I get - The GOP is actively hiding anything remotely controversial- which is clearly backfiring on them big time, as they’re already looking shady as hell. What people will remember is the GOP hiding the documents, not what was in them. Kavenaughs evasive answers and “I do nawt re-cahl” defense aren’t helping any.

It’s a damn shame this confirmation is already se the in stone, unless Murkoeski or Collins breaks. These Shennagins aren’t doing anyone any favors.

Just think of him as a poorly drawn cartoon character with zero charisma or likability and you won’t be disappointed again.

Spartacus would never shed crocodile tears.

He’s clearly the dimocrat frontrunner in 2020.

Nah…he just forces it too much

No, it’s the Red Sox


conan o’brien nailed this idiot years and years ago and then you guys elected him to the senate. It just never made any sense.

And now he’s the 2020 frontrunner.

Far too leaky a vessel to put that much hope in.

Just another race baiter, albeit a polished one.

How did he nail him?

Gay marriage is a relatively new thing…still was a relatively “safe” thing over which to dissent. Especially when you know the right call has the votes to carry.

The context will be quite different if Roe is put on the block. Roberts will not want to look that regressive.

Oh no, what should I do?

I was at SunTrust back in June for O’s-Braves and after we won an exciting extra-inning game I was talking to an Orioles fan I just met and told him (June 22nd mind you) that I hope we end up with the worst record to get the top pick. He agreed.

I’m more upset when they win right now.

You failed!