This just happened

Then this happened… Wow

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Why are the GOP senators playing so many games

If there are emails about Cheese Pizza… then this whole thing is going to go off the rails.

Make it gluten free pizza then I’m with you lol

This just in. Kava will be confirmed along party line votes.

That’s kind of a no ■■■■ Sherlock moment

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This just in…Justice Roberts will become the new swing judge preventing the social conservatives on the bench from getting stupid with what they think is newfound power.


My specialty Mr. Watson. But you love me just the way I am. :innocent:

Booker says this was his “I am Spartacus” moment. And Democrats claim that Trump is crazy.


Eh. …I wouldnt count on that

I am 99.6% confident in it.

Trust me.

No more crazy than not looking at garland.
You can’t go calling other people crazy…not gonna work anymore

Yes I can. I AM SPARTACUS!!!

I dont even trust my cats…

His disent on gay marriage leaves my faith lacking…

Cats should sign NDAs.

And prenups

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So…When Booker talked about this being his “Spartacus” moment, and when he said he realized he could be expelled from the Senate because of this…he already knew he had permission to release this?
Well, we’ve found yet another liar and fake in Washington, haven’t we? Big surprise.

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Booker reminds me of Marco rubio during the debates when Christie was mocking him, just trying so hard to stand out but really, if you read the documents he so wanted to release what was even in them?

Yeah…that’s the sense I got with Booker as well… he tries to hard to be something he is not.