This is Wrong on so Many Levels

So sports should be promoting…dare I say it…equity?

If someone is heads and shoulders above the competition…they should be barred from competing?

Females do not produce that level of testosterone.

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Y? No X!

Edit: yeah, that was lame, sue me.

Population statistics would suggest otherwise.

Horse feathers.

So, men can do anything better than women, including being women.



A sick and twisted society libs are creating.

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Five second Google search.

It’s like all the satire and comedy of the past was brought to mind and the progressives said “hey, hold my beer!”

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It’s much simpler than you’re purposefully trying to make it. The rule as I would have it is no men competing as a woman. And to cover my bases against the ‘purposefully misgendering’ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ crowd, it’s anyone born XY cannot compete as an XX and visa versa. My view is no more complicated than that, no matter which words you try to put in my mouth.


Why shouldn’t they be allowed to compete, but a woman with much higher levels of testosterone is allowed to?

I want to know why one is different in your mind than the other.

You’re admitting it’s not about fairness so what’s the problem?


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I can always tell when I’ve struck a nerve because you resort to one word answers.

It happens…it’s real.

That article was even stating some people believe women with high levels theirs knocked down or else be barred.

The conservatives are now embracing equity…what a concept!

Thank you for the sanity. MW.


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It’s not.

Because current testosterone levels don’t tell the whole story. All those years of growing up with male levels have broad physiological results as well.

I understand.

You thing too much of yourself.

That comes with libberism.

Enjoy your fantasy.


Some women have the same broad physiological results.

It is nearly 100% certain there is a cis woman out there who has all the same broad physical characteristics of a trans woman.

Why should the cis woman be allowed to compete but the trans woman not?