This is Wrong on so Many Levels

It was only a matter of time.

If this trend continues, biological women’s competition at this level will all but disappear. Can you imagine if a biological female competitor was found to have a testosterone level 5 times normal? Yet transgender biological males are welcomed with these levels. How is that remotely fair? I predict this biological male will win the gold for New Zealand.

I further predict that third world countries wanting to win at this level for national pride will intentionally groom biological males to compete in woman’s sports, thus bringing gold pride to those nations.

"The report pointed out that in 2015, the International Olympic Committee changed its rules to allow transgender athletes to compete as long as their testosterone level is below a certain level and maintained for a year. The determining criteria — a maximum reading of 10 nanomoles per liter of testosterone — is as least five times more than a biological woman."

Very wrong. I have no problem with transgender in general. But competing against women is not right. They are genetically male which is much stronger and faster.

This needs to stop!


Recently an Auckland environmentalism group disbanded because they were, in light of their view that BIPOC being most affected by climate change, far too white.

New Zealand, the California of the South Pacific?

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Since women mostly vote for larger government/liberals who champion things like this, I’d say they are getting what they voted for. Kudos to them!

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Does this have anything to do with Joe Biden’s EO against discrimination based on “gender identity”?

Nahhhhhhhhh…I got this. That’s different.

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New Zealand’s Olympic rules are based on Joe Biden’s EO?


What if there was a biological woman who has always been a biological woman but hits that level of testosterone? Population statistics would suggest such women exist.

Should she be barred from competing?

As for this:

The determining criteria — a maximum reading of 10 nanomoles per liter of testosterone — is as least five times more than a biological woman.

Is this 5x the level of women in general, or 5x the level of that subset of women who usually compete in this event? It makes a difference.

It’s literally a different country. :laughing:


Everything that happens anywhere in the world is because of the US LIB Agenda.

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They may not actually be ‘connected’ but they’re damn sure the same all-male-dominated garbage that’s now carrying over into a major sporting competition. Women who’ve already fought these equality battles will be told to shut their homophobic mouths or step up to the start line.

Expect a chorus of ‘statistically there aren’t enough XX’s affected to matter’ – it’s all they have so it’ll get beat to death.


Right…men are flocking to change into females because they want to dominate all sports.


They aren’t changing into females, that’s not possible.


And maybe you’ll answer my question as to whether women who have always been women who test at this level of testosterone should also be barred from competing?

How much of an outlier are biological women allowed to be before you say they should be barred from competing?

If an XX is naturally gifted with strength or better blood and muscles that makes her the probable winner. Happening naturally is fine. XYs with high testerone…nope nope and nope.

We should be more like New Zealand.

Why is it fine, if the claim here is unfairness?

Maybe in the future we should have three categories for sports: men, women, and miscellaneous.


Just tier according to athletic ability.

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I never said anyone is flocking anywhere. Those are your words.

Yes. They should. They are not producing the test, they are taking it.