This is why I hate the Police

Two Orlando Police Officers arrested a 6 year old girl, placing her hands in zip ties and transported her as a prisoner in the back of a police car.

Body Cam footage shown here:

The 6 year old was throwing a temper tantrum and handed off to the school resource officer who decided to call the police (Without permission according to the school). By the time the police show up, the girl is already calmed down. The Police said the Resource officer may have had another child arrested previously in a separate incident.

This incident happened in Orlando in Sep of 19. One of the officers involved was immediately terminated. The other wasnt. They say the second officer made numerous calls to superiors asking hot to proceed but wasnt given any guidance.

According to Orlando Police, any child being arrested under the age of 12 requires the approval of the Watch Commander which was not obtained in this case.

This incident gives a black eye to all departments. How someone could think it is appropriate to put a 6 year old in cuffs is beyond me. Further, the school shouldnt even be allowed to bring the police in on an issue such as this.

I would like to see the officer charged and school personnel fired over this.

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Never know, that 6 year old could be packing heat. Better get the handcuffs so those 250 lb adult can feel safe.


Pieces of â– â– â– â–  .

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Unacceptable. Arresting a 6 year old and taking her away in a police car. What were these morons thinking?


We’re a law and order country!!! The cops have to show people they’re the ones in charge…gotta teach em’ young…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Why does the school get a pass for calling the PD?

They are the ones responsible.

They are the “In loco parentis.”

The cops didn’t know what to do because the school violated policy protocol.

Cops should not have taken kid off school premises. They were wrong also.



Kaia became aggressive hitting me with her hands in the chest and stomach area," the assistant principal wrote in the statement.

Assulting school personell.

The school resource officer tried to “calm her but Kaia would not listen,” said a staff member.

School resource officer can’t control the 6 year old.

“He told her that he would take her to ja__ if she didn’t stop misbehaving and hitting.”

Sounds like the kid is assutling the school resource officer as well.

No repercussions for the kid. It was correct and in my opinion to transport the kid to juvenile detention. If a supervisor refused, they should get additional training. And when transporting, they need to be cuffed.

So assulting school officials is okay in your book?


But not every problem is a nail that requires a hammer.


Nah, ■■■■ that stupid little 6 year old. He was clearly causing severe bodily harm to that teacher and needs to be further traumatized in order to “learn his lesson.” :rofl:

A 6 year old kid… against an adult. You must be joking

So how many people (at least two in the story) need to be assulted before little miss gets a trip to juvenile detention?

Is she learning she can hit and punch people and nothing will happen?

What happens when it’s a clasmate?

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It’s a six year old girl.

Not everything requires a hammer to solve.

A trip to juvie isn’t a hammer.

A girl? That adds a whole new level of threat to the teacher’s safety.


She apparently already learned that

Go to the principals office, get suspended or expelled.

A 6 year old doesn’t need to be arrested for “assaulting” grown adults


An officer handcuffing a child is.

When did she learn that BEFORE this incendent? Because apparently she only knew she would get a trip to the office and there she continued her behavior…
So when did she lean there will be consiquences prior to this? Please and thank you.

Again, no consiquenses for assulting and continueing to do so.

No it’s not.

Kirkland called a therapist who recommended Kaia not be forced to go to any school with a uniformed police officer.

With a 2019 Florida law mandating that a uniformed police be present at every public school in the state, Kirkland says she was forced to find a private school for Kaia. But Kirkland says she couldn’t afford to pay for private school.

It appears the little girl did learn a lesson. Unfortunatly her parents probably emphasied how bad the officer was (insted of just doing his/her job). This kid is going to be coddled, and have many more issues as she grows up. When she turns 12 and assults someoen in school, there won’t be an issue of getting permission, she will be haulded of to Juvie. When she turns 18 and assults someone becuase she is "having a bad day’ it will be adult jail.

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