This is why I hate the Police

Yes it is.

What we have is a small child with a behavior problem in what the article says is a result of sleep apnea.

So instead of working to help the small child overcome such things the response of have a grown man handcuff her, put her in a car and remove her from the premises is 100% a hammer.

Excuse this all you want, but I feel that the minority opinion here is that this type of force used against a 6 year old girl is super overkill.


Suspension and expulsion isn’t a consequence?

I don’t know if I hate it or enjoy it when I agree with y’all. :thinking:


Yes. Her whole life has been laid out before her.

Meanwhile one of the officers got fired because arresting a six year old girl is bonkers.

sigh…that classroom to prison pipeline is real.

No reason a 6 year old should be arrested for this. If one cannot control a 6 year old then you have no business being in the job. Hell, you have no business being a parent and I hope folks who are okay with this are not parents or have any type of contact with children.


because he didn’t follow protocol. Supervisor should have been contacted (agree). Wonder if there is body can fotage of the pricipasl saying he would press charges (That’s reason for arrest right there). Pricinpal apparently changed his mind and didn’t check the “yes” box when the paperwork was being done.

Happens often that people say they will sign a complaint/press charges then change their minds.

It really just depends on my mood that day :joy:

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Maybe the mind was changed because placing a six year old girl under arrest is completely bonkers.

This is not how to handle behavior issues with children… especially issues where the cause was known.

Yeah, good point.

Anywho, glad one of those former high school bullies got canned. Now, if only they’d do something about that massive narcissist sitting in the principal’s chair.

“I’m so tough, I send 6 year old girls to jail!”

Holy crap. :rofl:


And some on the right wonder why Black people are highly skeptical of police. This little girl doesn’t need her mom to “indoctrinate” her about the police. She learned first hand. That is the unintended consequence of using police force for every little problem.


Totally agree with this.

Wasn’t elementary . . . but in high school . . . if you were fighting, the principal would pick you up by the neck and carry you off. At that point, you knew if you hit him – you were a dead man. And we did witness him carrying two people down the hall by the neck once, and neither of them had feet on the ground.

I don’t care about your high school anecdotes. lol




I don’t think he’s getting that point.

A 6 year old girl…SMDH

She was 6…

Where do you draw the line, or do you even have one? Are we going to be carrying toddlers around by the neck and handcuffing them?

Do you like using that word for dramatic effect?..Not every little physical interaction should be considered assault.

assulted at least two people

Should have been hauled off to juvie

And she assulted at least two people.

When she is hitting people, it’s assult.