This is the guy Biden was talking about

Should have been shot in the leg… right? He is after all “unarmed with a knife”

and people protest this! a nation gone mad

Yes…libs are totally insane.

BTW…good shoot.


Unarmed with a knife, that is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard a human say!

And to think Democrats nominated this mouth breather to lead America.

Seems Dems want to remove your guns rights while ending respect and support the police. That’s not real bright…


Warren Christopher ask the same question of Delta when they were briefing Eagle Claw.

Yeah…just shoot em in the leg. Then…the citizens can pay for the doctor bills and lawsuits and give that scumbag another opportunity to kill an innocent person with a knife. Yeah…that sounds like a brilliant idea Joe.

Biden should offer his advice to the ■■■■■■■ scumbags that are executing cops.

Talk about tone deaf, one day after those two cops are ambushed, Biden is pushing for another assault weapons ban.

Hey genius! Those two cops were shot with a handgun, not an assault weapon. How about you go after the criminals who use guns in the commission of a crime instead of law abiding citizens?

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Thats the spirit. Just kill suspects, it costs less.

The situation being discussed is someone who is attempting to kill you. They aren’t a “suspect”.


So, we shoot to kill to…save money?

Lives have a dollar price tag attached. Who knew? Also right to life be damned for those who may potentially be innocent. Guess we’re ok with abortion now. I mean those fetuses could grow up to kill somebody someday. Might as well nip that in the bud too.

Why even bother with prisons?..Suppose once they apprehend the guy by shooting him in the leg, they find out he was mentally incompetent? Now, you want cops to he judges and executioners

When someone places the life of another, below their own and the intent is to kill or do serious bodily harm, they forfeited their life in my world. In saving the life they chose to take, the life of the aggressor is taken, I have a hard time feeling anything but relief from the serious danger they were attempting to inflict on others. The part about the financial savings is…a bonus. :sunglasses:

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Are you actually under the impression that this is feasible?


Come after me with knife…

potentially be innocent, while chasing a cop with a knife? where’s the potential?

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I was thinking the same thing. My head hurt when I read that.


Shooting not to kill?..of course. Why is it only this country ( out of other first world civilized countries) that has this problem with cops being quick to shoot?

Problem? What problem?