This is not how the First Amendment works

Twitter added a fact-check link to Trump’s tweets about mail-in balloting. Trump, says he won’t allow it. Well good luck.

We see this misconception a lot of from confused people.

So here it is again in easy to understand cartoon form:


Now that said, Twitter probably put themselves into a corner here. Where does the fact-checking begin or stop?


Donald Trump is an idiot.

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I read those Tweets in head in the voice of the Great Oz. It was fun.

Can we accuse Twitter of interfering with the election process like you guys claimed Russia did?

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You can do whatever you’d like.

Doesn’t change the fact that Trump is making impotent and ignorant threats here.

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The President is 100% free to stop using Twitter if he doesn’t like them fact checking him.

Their playground. Their rules.


I do love the “As President, I will not allow it to happen” part.

Has any President ever sounded so feckless about anything before?


Twitter uses information highway which is heavy subsidized buy federal dollars.

Did they stop him Tweeting or just add a link to fact check him?


Make up your mind, publisher, or platform, you can’t have both, twitter.


He’s just counter-punching!!!

Nah, you’re right. An idiot, one with the maturity of a 5 year old.

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How does a free, US owned company publicly making a claim about content on its own platform “interfere with the election process”?

This really needs to be explained to Americans?


Who checks the fact checkers?

Snopes and Politifact are the two biggest fact checkers in the country and they’re both in the tank for Democrats.

I’m sure the Twitter fact checkers are apolitical. :wink:


Is there a relevant point you can make with that link it or are we supposed to fill it in with our imaginations?


Come on now. Twitter is how Trump spreads lies and hate. He can’t be held accountable there. You know this.


They’ll be no stopping you.

I just love the comparison of a US Corporation’s public actions on its own platform to a disguised foreign interference secret campaign from a historically dangerous and anti-freedom country

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Was Twitter wrong in this case?

Twitter must be part of the deep state. Maybe Dorsey murdered someone too!

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Not my problem if you can’t follow the legal argument on this subject. I suggest you research a bit.

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