This is NOT a photo of Melania- why is Trump using a double?

Deleted because the photo had a profanity that I saw too late. Here is the photo:

And a link to the video of the double walking with Trump:

- Pattern on the blouse
- Weight (woman on the right is heavier)
- Hair (woman on right is missing blonde highlights)
- Melania is prettier (sorry but it’s true)

— Ruth Foster Care or Whatever (@RuthieKetchup) August 25, 2018

Melania is finished with her husband and is using every tactic to throw shade at him. I guess this is one way Donald is getting back at her? Its pretty ■■■■■■■ weird.

Bring it…Im ready for StuntDoubleGate!

I think it looks more like Bruce Jenner, being serious not as a insult.

A good theory- but also look at the video I just posted.

Could be Sarah HS in big sunglasses.

But DEFINITELY not Melania.

Double your pleasure, double your fun with double mint gum

Maybe she’s finally had enough, what with the secret baby and all.

Normally I would say this seems absurd, but we are also talking about the guy who is well known for calling up newspapers pretending to be his own imaginary spokesman in order to talk glowingly about himself. Would it honestly shock anyone if Melania was tired of dealing with him, which is obvious and understandable, so he hired a lookalike in order to try and save face? Would anyone put it past him?

Wait, does she have Frank Marshall Davis’ hands?!


I think that’s it exactly.

Ok, now ■■■■ is getting weird…

Mane there was a sale on the outfit.

I think it would be more like him to have an open affair with a supermodel while trashing the First Lady (not Eve).

Except the stunt double was wearing the exact same clothes that Melania has worn. This was engineered. I mean maybe it was some super sneaky way to include a bodyguard but I’m seriously doubting that. Melania is just pissed at Donnie and won’t travel with him anywhere so Trump created a fake Melania. Everything else is fake and deceiving about Donald. Why not this as well?

If it’s truly intended to be a double for Melania, someone needs to be fired. Doesn’t look near enough like her.

■■■■ looks doctored.

Lots of other news stories with photos that looks like her. Don’t believe everything you see, so easy to manipulate video these days.

this thread belongs in gossip column.