This is NOT a photo of Melania- why is Trump using a double?

This is veering off into “well I believe it could be true, therefore…” which is the exact sorta ■■■■ that left us with a forum full of birthers, pizzagaters, qanons and other related fools.

We just had the biggest week that was and there are plenty of folk who’d love for you to get stuck down dead-ended rabbit holes.

If this forum wants additional traffic all we need is a conspiracy section.

It would destroy what little else we have that we all enjoy, but it would bump up that ad revenue exponentially.

Fair enough. I officially retract my commentary on this page (unless I am further titilated by this for the giggles.)

I’m not a tin foil hat conpiracy guy but I saw this yesterday and was like ■■■???

It’s probably been a long time since any of you watched TV on a CRT and forgot how ■■■■■■ they were but i’m assuming that’s what we’re looking at + recorded on a cellphone looking at the ■■■■■■ screen.

It’s 2018, everything is online, who the hell points a cell phone at their TV?