This Is How You Handle Social Media Political Bias

You buy it…

Paul Singer’s Elliott Management Corp. has already nominated four directors to Twitter’s board, Bloomberg News reported, citing several sources familiar with the arrangement.

For those who don’t understand:
The social media platform that defines the President’s first term and probably his second being bought in part to address political bias is a big deal.

Trump and his twitter have changed the way Presidenting is done forever. There is no putting the cat back in the bag.

And now there will be wars for control of the platforms. It’s how you control the narrative. Billionaires will buy them up for their side.

As our population continues to get dumber, strives toward mediocrity and small thinks, social media will become more and more of a weapon.

This is a garbage society of bleating sheep, chewing on the media cud. No thinking required.

We have doomed ourselves.

As anybody who is the least bit politically astute can plainly see.

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Hell, I may just log back in some day. lol

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they are not subject to first amend

I know. They are however subject to owner orders.

So wait. How is Twitter biased towards conservatives again?

I can’t think of a single social media platform, except for this forum, that isn’t biased against conservatives.


Hmm, that could be interesting.

Gab? Reddit? 4chan?

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The social media platform that defines the President’s first term being bought in part to address political bias is not political.


Conservatives have been silenced by these freaks for years, where have you been?

Twitter should be regulated as a utility.

Great. Political bias on social media platforms just became a bipartisan issue.

And Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million. Social media’s political tilt, electoral results, which is the chicken and which the egg.

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That’s ridiculous.

You know, I have noticed that my Twitter feed is extremely leftie. I don’t understand it.

No, it’s not. The telephone system was regulated (until Clinton) and the social media sites are the followup to the telephone.

Yes, it is.

Whatever dude.

Hmmm… We could add a Department of Fair Media Representation. And you do trust Trump to appoint someone who would be fair, don’t you?


The phone company was regulated in regards to access, fees and how one got a telephone.

It was not regulated in regards to what one could say over the phone and, from that, restricting who had phone privileges.

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