This Is How You Handle Social Media Political Bias

I really don’t give ■■■■■ I’m just saying what could be done. You can have social democracy or feudalism.

Those are your choices.

No. There are a ton of options between your one or the other. China and Iran have worked some of those options out.

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No there aren’t. You may be varying degrees of one or the other, but at the end of the day you are either moving towards social democracy or towards feudalism.

And would a government like China determining who is allowed to see or say whatever on the internet be an example of “social democracy”?

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I’m not necessarily agreeing, but if everything is along that line, where on that line is a good place to be. All the way at one end or the other is a lousy place. If we need to move in one direction a bit, which direction and how much. Thundering “socialism” or “feudalism” does nothing to answer that question.

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Twitter is not the next evolution of the telephone. It is not a utility. It is an interface for the internet.

Again, ridiculous. Those are not the choices.

What is “social democracy”?

Why would you ask that? He clearly doesn’t understand the nature of feudalism so youre not likely to do better with “social democracy”.

Gaily Grind?


…and ya gotta like that! If ya can’t beat em…buy em. :sunglasses:

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How big is this chunk? Because if it’s not 51% all he can do is push.

Big enough.

Do you have a hard number?

He’s not done.

Now we need more fat cat republicans to step up and buy more, social media, colleges, media companies. It’s either that or lose, eventually.

As far as evolution of the internet is concerned, “social media” is an endangered species. It’s one of the reasons they keep pairing up with other endangered species like network television.

Evolution. What do you think will replace it?

The internet will be decentralized within the next 10 years or so. There will be more than one “world wide web”. It’s one of very few good things to come out of the breach of trust that is social media.

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