This doesn't sound good

It seems Durham had expanded the scope of his investigation and added more agents and resources into it.

Instead of just reviewing the days leading up to the 2016 election it has now expanded to Robert Mueller appointment to special counsel.

This was posted 2 hours ago on FOX, so I’m sure Hannity will be talking about it in his open dialogue.

You can read it here.

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BTW…it’s from Bret Baier. Not exactly a big Trump fan.


And to top it off…according to administration Mueller was pursuing the FBI top job.

Something the former Russia probe special counsel denied under oath during congressional testimony this summer.

Told you all he tried when when Rod “The Weasel” Rosenstein trotted him into Trump office. And when Trump said he wanted to go into another direction the Weasel appointed him to special counsel.


My guess McCabe will be the one that squeals first if he hasn’t already.

Wha’s the big deal? I thought the Mueller Report cleared Trump?

Don’t you want to know if they tried to frame Trump?

I take it you support government agents using their offices to try and frame politicians they don’t like.

As I said, liberals have NO PROBLEM with a police-state, as long as they’re the ones running it.


Fascists don’t care about trivial information such as the truth.

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“Sources within the Administration” coming from Fox usually means “Gullianis demented ramblings.”

They’re so desperate to get out of the impeachment quicksand that they’re throwing out every past conspiracy they got.

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If he were going to frame Trump he would have done so

It’s the other way around. Pelosi and Schiff are worried that Barr is going to uncover serious Democratic crimes and, therefore, they need to get Trump and Barr out of office.

They tried. They invented a hoax in order to be able to investigate all things Trump in order to try to find a crime, any crime, that they could use against him. Then they started creating crimes, such as the claim that it’s illegal to accept information from a foreigner. LOL. I guess that would mean that watching a BBC show would be a crime.


They tried…and failed.

You guys need to come up with better mouse trap. Ukrainian isn’t going to cut it either.

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What crimes?

Bruce Ohr.

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FISA abuses to spy on their political rival. God knows what else. Needless to say, Democrats do NOT want investigations into their affairs and I know you don’t either.

At this point it doesn’t even matter. The goal was to smear everyone involved and keep the administration on the defensive and render it ineffectual for the duration and that’s exactly what they accomplished.

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I thought Trump was going to release all the FISA information so that we could all see how FISA was abused by democrats? We are still waiting.

Lol god knows what else is not exactly daming evidence. So basically this is all in your own mind.

Watching you all try to spin your way out of this is entertaining as hell.

You mean like Hillary’s numerous felonies for which she skated?

Why do you support crime and corruption in government? Oh wait. I know the reason. It’s because your loyalty is to your masters in the Democratic Party. You don’t give a damn about poor and middle-class Americans. Thanks.