Think of the lives we could have saved if we had applied COVID-style responses earlier

I’m not even a supporter of any lockdowns. Who decides what is essential or not?

Who was going to force anyone to do anything from work out in a gym to take a cruise? Matter of fact, I’m sick of my dad’s wife telling me how they’re going to live their lives in lockdown mode.

They’re in their 80s. Are they planning to live longer than Frank Langella in Dracula?

You do realize, though, that HIV and pancreatic cancer can’t be spread my momentary contact? And many who undergo conventional treatment for pancreatic cancer die as they’re usually in the final stages when diagnosed (a former supervisor died from it last year, RIP Jim).

HIV/AIDS & pancreatic cancer are really bad analogies.

I wonder why severely overweight men aren’t included. Big doesn’t have to be an impediment.

Honestly if anything obese men are at more of a disadvantage socially than women. Historically men in some parts of the world have seen women with rounder shapes as attractive, associated them with fertility.

Who sees men like the late Chris Farley in the same manner? The big is beautiful movement is more feminist nonsense, IMO, and, as abortion rights end the lives of more girl babies, kicking women in the teeth, so will this movement.

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Overweight men are screwed when it comes to body positivity. When I was 80 pounds heavier, the only women saying “you still look good” were my mom, grandma, and some aunts. :joy:

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