Think of the lives we could have saved if we had applied COVID-style responses earlier

Steve Jobs refused conventional treatment for pancreatic cancer. He might be still alive today if only the government had coerced him into getting FDA-approved chemotherapy.

Famous author, Isaac Asimov, and tennis star, Arthur Ashe, both died of from AIDS that they had acquired from blood transfusions during surgery. They might have lived many more years if only the government had closing bars, clubs, gyms, shops, etc. and severely restricted anyone from leaving home. Cuba implemented watered-down program of confining those who had the disease or were asymptomatic carriers with significant success; more aggressive policies should have been even more successful.

If only we had known then what we know now, imagine all lives that could have could have been saved. For the future, why limit the benefits of these policies to COVID?

For background see:

Legendary Science-Fiction Author Isaac Asimov Died From AIDS Complications | NewNowNext

Can a person catch pancreatic cancer from another person?

Think of all the lives that could have been saved if the “experts” warned people about the increased danger of COVID for the obese. Instead of stress-eating ■■■■ for months while at home and locked out of their gyms they may have at least stopped eating said ■■■■ and started walking to mitigate the damage.

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the flu is contagious

should people be forced to take that vax too?

think of the lives that could be saved


The experts did warn people.

They told them what the comorbidities were.

If a business said as a condition of employment, one is required to be vaccinated for flu?


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should the business be forced by the govt to do that?

and why dont businesses do that?

If only the healthier eating programme championed by Michelle Obama had continued beyond the Obama presidency.

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talk to anyone about how awful school lunches became due to that stupidity


No the government shouldn’t. I’ve been consistent on my stance on that. You might want to look back when Biden had OSHA draw up that requirement…I questioned his authority to do that.

Some businesses do.

What warped thought process led you to weave that question?

What’s warped about it?

Pretty logical, actually.

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Peas in a pod.

The OPer makes a red herring argument

The question highlights the red herring.

There is no one…no one…making an argument that we should mandate life saving treatments in all cases.

I know a favorite tactic of some on these boards is to pretend if one doesn’t explicitly say something, one isn’t implying it.

We are all smart enough to know that isn’t true…so why do some continue to insist on using this tactic, and then try to claim those that call it out are practicing some “strange form of logic”?

Why can’t people simply be honest?


And … ?

So westaussie’s question highlights the emptiness of the OPer’s implied red herring argument.

Just stop it…be honest that you know that’s what the OPer was doing.


Sometimes eating healthy requires sacrifice…

Yes, and obesity is way up as result of lockdowns. I suspect vitamin D levels have dropped as well.

There was at time when the ACLU actually opposed coercion, lockdowns, travel bans, etc. in response to outbreaks of disease. Now they have done a 180.

Can people who have gotten sick as result of lack of coercion sue the ACLU for its prior support of freedom?

Here is what they said back in 2008:

The lessons from history should be kept in mind whenever we are told by government officials that “tough,” liberty-limiting actions are needed to protect us from dangerous diseases. Specifically: coercion and brute force are rarely necessary. In fact they are generally counterproductive —they gratuitously breed public distrust and encourage the people who are most in need of care to evade public health authorities. On the other hand, effective, preventive strategies that rely on voluntary participation do work.

Here is what they said about proposals for immunity passports for people recovered from COVID when Trump was president:

We at the ACLU have serious concerns about the adoption of any such proposal, because of its potential to harm public health, incentivize economically-vulnerable people to risk their health by contracting COVID-19, exacerbate racial and economic disparities, and lead to a new health surveillance infrastructure that endangers privacy rights. . . . This division would likely worsen existing racial, disability, and economic disparities in America and lead people struggling to afford basic necessities to deliberately risk their health.

I’ve heard “Get vaxxed” and “wear a mask” literally thousands of times as much as I’ve heard “lose weight”. I’ve never heard Fauci advise folks to ditch soda, chips, cookies, etc. The experts have actually co-signed on absurdity like free donuts from Krispy Kreme for those who get vaxxed. Though not experts, people on this board recently told me diet and exercise won’t help with COVID.