They walk amongst us

Coded messages? Libs see them all the time. Libs call them dog whistles.

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No code. Just the dyslexic scrawls of a poor speller.

Comparing this guys complaints to those discussions are really the apples and oranges type thing. This guy says Bayonce is really Italian and this is somehow tied in to Soros and globalism.
The arguments back then were whether Obama’s experiences were really those related to the African American experience in the US and were hotly contested among liberals themselves.

Though it seems to me to have been a tempest in teapot sort of thing.

Oooo…I used “apples and oranges” and the “tempest in teapot” sort of thing in one short post. I’m cool.

Oh…and “they are allowing total nutjobs to run…”. Yes, they are. Its the voters job to reject them. “They” don’t really have a say in it.

That’s not true. Some reminded of the fact that President Obama was from a mixed race family but no one ever claimed he was not black.

I was on that board too and your statement is not true.

There is of course no basis in fact for that claim.

It was most certainly stated that he was mixed race which is absolutely true.

Nope it’s meant to be that way…

The fun part of that argument was watching so called liberals arguing the one drop rule as the standard.

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That of course has no basis in fact for that claim.

There were a number of posters from varioius positions:

  1. Obama wasn’t American because is father was from Africa.

  2. Obama was African-American due to being mixed race.

  3. Obama was African only for being born in Kenya not the United States and that his birth certificate was a fraud.
    So to say all posters on the previous version of the board agreed that Obama was African-American of mixed race is incorrect.
    . The poster “RobertTheMan” kept the One and Only thread with these theories (#1 and #3) for years.
    .WW, PSHS

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LOL. I was there too.
“Halfrican”. “24% Arab”.
Those halcyon days.

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To the left, to the left. Everything you own is in the box to the left.

Obviously, the implication is that all your stuff belongs to the leftist New World Order

Who run the world? Girls. We run this mother

Clearly, we men will be slaves to our female superiors.

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.

Here, if we didn’t want to be subject to our global overlords, we should have instilled an isolationist world view (i.e., the ring)

Happy wife…

Oh wow you spoke truthfully there I mean look is in the White House now and who’s running to replace it.

Nut jobs have been running for some time.

Just look at the Squad, :roll_eyes:

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Totally agree. As I just responded to another guest just look at who is currently in the White House and look what is running to replace

Our President has excellent policies actually.

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Bless your heart

His father was black African. His mother a white North American.

Unsure how he can not be.


Actually there is. I recall the debate that I participated in.

But believe what you want.

Your accent is slightly off.

Some of them are very good.