They walk amongst us

So it seems they are now allowing total nut jobs to run for office. So this chap seems to believe certain pop singers are not what they say they are, trying to get Obama back in office or part of the NWO. so remember the name KW Miller

We had quite a few posters who still poster here todat, on the previous board stating Obama was not African American.

I don’t remember that. Who were they? Can you think of any names?

Coded globalist messages in her songs?

Why not?

We have people here on these boards who believe in the coded messages stuff.

Why should it be any surprise some of these people who believe this crap…or are willing to pretend they believe it…are now running for Congress?

Conspiracy Fever dreams…it’s what they crave.

This is how these voters are being courted…one last round of fear.

“They’re coming for your way of life! They even planted Beyoncé! Come vote in the Most Important Election In The History of The Universe or SOROS will destroy America!”

Names are irrelevant. Believe what you want.

I do. And I believe you are confused.

Here’s a coded message. Umptre is Azycra! Efeatde Umptre!

Break that code…i dare ya! :grin:

Is that like one of those dog whistle things that only democrats seem to be able to hear? :joy:


And “dog whistles”

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Nope not me because I took part in that discussion.

As you know, I am incredibly fair. In that spirit, I will take your word for it.

And others who probably still insist he was born in Kenya.


Does KW Miller post here? Reads like something someone would post on here.

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Covfefe. Heheheheh…If only they knew what that really means!


People back then were pointing out that he’s only 1/2 black.

I do remember those debates. Whole threads that went for 30 pages over something so trivial.

But hell the One and Only thread broke the post limit twice I think so I guess we political junkies will argue about anything and everything till carpel tunnel sets in.


Covfefe. Swillen.

I remember joking around saying that Obama was the 44th white President whenever someone said he was the first black President. But only because he is half and half. I’m just as right as they are.

But I’m not sure if that’s what he is referring to, and I’m not even sure if it was here that I said it.

I was thinking the same thing

How exactly is today any different in the past? There’s never been any way of preventing “total nut jobs” from running for office.