There Was No AR-15

What is your definition of “tad more difficult”?

Right! The first 10 dead kids are free. We don’t really care unless. its 15 or 20. The democrats have blood on their hands. Why did they not try to ban shotguns?

Keeps some of the guns out of the perps hands.

Outlawing all handguns is stupid.

outlawing assualt firearms smart.


uh huh, because it’s not possible to rack up body counts against unarmed kids. Can’t be done without a scary looking AR.

What makes something an “assault firearm?”



Lets start with far more in depth background checks. Then, lets add mandatory waiting periods. Say, a week. Also, and this is the sticky wicket…any private sale that occurs where its determined that the seller didnt properly vet the buyer and crimes are committed with the gun would carry a criminal penalty for the seller as well (and no, im not implying they are going down for accessory to murder…a different classification could be created). Also…every gun purchased from this day forward would be registered. That would help with my previous point…the hard part is the gazillion guns already in existence. Oh, and lastly…any weapon that is part of a crime would be immediately destroyed, thus ending its chances of being lost in the system and used again in a crime.

Hows that for starters?

More in depth how?

How many of these murders bought their guns within a week of the murders?

The waiting period was to address the delay in the background check. The excuse was to address heat of the moment crimes - it didn’t. Ot was all horse hockey.

How would ANY of that have changed the Texas shooting?

Well then this would teach them that they should.

There was no automatic machine gun either! Why are those banned?

I’m sure Texas "appreciates: your permission. :wink:

So its all or nothing.

They aren’t. They just require a license.

If you insist.

Run with that.

Backgrounds already check for drug convictions, felonies, protective orders, and a database of those adjudicated to be mentally ill. What more do you want to check for? Now if you said to put the screws to states to timely and fully report into the databases, I don’t think you will find anyone (including myself) who would disagree.

Most of the school shootings are planned in advance. Take the last one – 17 year old, he can’t legally purchase now anyway.

Most of the school and mass shooters have said they planned it all out well in advance of actually doing it. A week won’t make a difference.

In the past (and now) – I advocate background checks on all gun transfers. BUT a limit on what a sheriff’s department or police department can charge to run the background (less than $20).

If a gun used in a crime was legitimatly stolen, you can’t destroy it. Once it’s no longer evidence you have to return it to the rightfull owner.

Your the one that is running with that.

Wouldn’t that in itself be infringing on my 2nd amendment rights!

Liberal mindset, treat everyone as a criminal to make everyone safer, rights be damned.


If we’re going to play the imagine game, imagine if the teacher who was shot was armed.

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