There Was No AR-15

This dirtbag used a shotgun & a revolver.

Yet, he was able to shoot 20 people in a few minutes.

So, now do we need to still ban just AR-15’s, or revolvers & shotgun’s too?

I seriously don’t give a ■■■■. Texas can do whatever they like.

I thought it was just the AR that was needing banned…

I guess crazy uncle Joe’s shotgun was not OK after all…

You aren’t making the point you think you are…for what its worth.

Access to all firearms needs to not be as easy as it is currently.

That is not to say that any one in particular needs to be banned, per se, but that access to every one of them should be a tad more difficult. And please spare me the tripe about criminals having easier access than normal people. Part of what makes the things they do with firearms criminal is the lengths they go to to acquire them.

How is that not a contradiction of this

When did that kid become a criminal?

Imagine how many more would be dead if he did have an ar15


not this time. he shot everyone he wanted to and then stopped

Baffles me why liberals think it takes some sort of super special rifle to kill unarmed victims.

The thing is - the shooter was 17. By law, you have to be 18 to buy a rifle and 21 to buy a pistol or revolver. Thus, by law, this guy shouldn’t have had a firearm. It was already illegal for him ot be in possession of one.

even with a shotgun! I have not shot skeet for years but when I did … and when I was just learning … it was not uncommon to get 2 shots off while the damn thing was still in the air.

Everything the kid did was illegal already.

What new law would have prevented this?

You need to get on Cassandra Joe’s bandwagon and start calling for bans on handguns and shotguns. And even then, as you point out, someone with criminal goals will still fine a way to get one.

The next mass-shooter is already out there. He has his guns already.

I said this after many of the past mass shootings. It’s not wishful thinking, so spare the pixels trying to lay that on me. It’s a simple extrapolation of current events.

Make the dad liable for unauthorized use of his firearm. It’ll make people think twice about how they store their firearms if they know they’re liable for what happens with those firearms.

Laughable. They are already civilly liable if they were negligent and of course there is the whole your kid becomes a mass murderer and either dies or goes to jail for life and you think they aren’t already maxed out on incentive and that just one more penalty will sway them? Not likely.

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An example, pass a law that makes me criminally liable for not locking up my gun and I will not lock it up. Why? Because I know my kids pose no danger to society or to me. They wouldn’t hurt a fly. If I thought otherwise, I already have a maximum incentive to lock them up, If I thought they were homicidal, they could very well kill me with it first. But you think saving my own life as well as the lives of others isn’t enough incentive to lock them up, but think your law would finally persuade me to do so? That’s not even remotely plausible.

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Baffles me why cons think that all guns are the same and there aren’t some that are better than others at killing mass amounts of people in a given timespan.

Yep we should not make it as difficult as possible for them to get guns.

Your right it won’t, but when your kid goes off and you get sent to jail it might encourage others to keep a closer eye on their kids.

Not really, not when it comes to killing unarmed people in a school.

Right, because saving your own life, your kids life and the lives of others isn’t enough incentive already. No sorry, all your law would do is end up punishing some innocent parents who had no inkling their kid would snap and go on a killing spree. It isn’t going to do a thing to deter someone who suspect their kids might do so and leave guns in their reach, those people are beyond deterrence. They’re already willing to gamble their own lives, their children’s and other children’s lives and you seriously think possible jail time will push them over the edge to being responsible? That’s hilarious.

Odds are, the vast majority of them simply believe their kids would never in a million years do something like that and wouldn’t see possible jail time as any sort of deterrent, just as I wouldn’t. I know my kids would never do such a thing and odds are most of them think the same thing.