There Was No AR-15

Even though he can’t buy a gun legally, it probably was not illegal for him to be in possession of one. There is nothing on the federal books that says that any age cannot own a gun. There are regulations about buying a gun.

Are you talking about Rudy’s stop and frisk NYC tactics?

You mean like the resource officer who was shot?

Probably would have just led to more armed people with bullets in them.

How? If I am certain my children would never do it, knowing they are empathetic caring human beings who have never shown any inclination to so much as pinch someone, how is locking up the parents of homicidal maniacs going to convince me to lock up my guns to avoid something I am dead certain could never happen?

Look how safe prisons are.

Way to go, Man - you won this one. No AR-15, but 10 kids are dead.

How were these firearms stored?

How long did it take the killer in this case to shoot 20 people?

How exactly are parents supposed to keep their eyes on their kids when the parents are at work and the kids are in school?

It sounds like something out of Stalin’s Russia or Hitler’s Germany.

Would that not be preferable to more unarmed people with bullets in them?

I know for myself I’d rather be killed fighting than die begging for my life.

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Yes. It is.

You can legally own a fully automatic machine gun. Also, you can modify a shotgun, even a pump action to hold many, many rounds, as many as 50.

Revolvers can use speed loaders, which is probably what this dirtbag did.

There is handguns with come with small magazines that can accept a magazine that holds 30 or more rounds. Just buy several & go nuts.

The point is, you can get around almost any law, & an lowlife intent on such will figure out how, & is not concerned with acting lawfully.

What we need is to allow the adults in charge to be allowed to return fire. It won’t deter everyone, but it will reduce it a lot. The REASON these scum target schools is they know nobody can return fire at least for the first 5-15 minutes.

Has it escaped you gun banner’s notice that all these mass shooting’s happened at “Gun free” zones? It certainly looks like you can’t grasp the concept!

It’s the same reason more homes aren’t burgled is they don’t know who is home with a gun & who’s not.

Ridicules! Obviously you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. The police said on the news the Resource officer saved many lives.

They were his Dad’s guns, and those kids had almost no chance with a shotgun in a hallway.

For one, when you kill innocent children with one.

So if you stab a kid it’s an “assault knife?”

Words have meaning. Assault rifle has a specific meaning in a specific context.

A selective fire weapon, with a detachable box magazine, firing an intermediate cartridge; not nearly as powerful as a full power rifle round, but significantly more powerful than a handgun round. Designed to be used between 150-500 yards, where the majority of infantry combat occurs.

An AR-15 lacks selective fire capability. Without selective fire it is not capable of rapid suppressive fire. It is not an assault rifle.

The AR15 and like weapons are akin to the Golden Calf to some of these gun fetish people.

They are idiots that think the trade name ArmaLite means Assault Rifle.

I’m not a fetishist. But I am a firm believer in the second amendment and the right to bear arms.

Personally, I am an AK fan. I like ARs, but I have a preference for AKs. Specifically the AK-74 family.