There Can Be Only One!

You think that is hard?

Joe only needs to compete with his dementia now.


The Democratic field fell by the wayside quick. Did any of them actually want to be President? Or were they just putting on a show?


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More like resume building if you ask me.

It will be delightful watching the others endorse Biden with a straight face.

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Coming from Trump? It’s transparent. Democrats don’t listen to him, let alone care what he thinks about their party.

Sanders has already thrown his support for Biden. Which compared to 2016, when it took him a much longer time to support Clinton, this is much improved.

While the Dem party is pretty fragile today, unlike in 2016, they have the common goal of getting rid of Trump.

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:+1: much like the republicans in '16? So no better?


Watch the video of Biden changing his stance on the WI primary today and tell me he looks fine.

The motto of today’s conservatives. :wink:

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Ok. Still gonna vote for him.

Watch literally any video of Trump. You’ll still vote for him.


He saved us from the corona virus.

He is a hero.

Sure thing.

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Then why is Biden the nominee? What that tells me is that they’re doing everything in their power to give Trump the best chance at winning reelection. If I didn’t know any better I would say this is by design.

Okay Kayleigh.

I wonder if Trump supporters will try to act like the coronavirus never came here. They already pretend away everything Trump said initially.

Because he won the primaries? IDK what you’re looking for here. The established Dem voters leaned hard into Biden during the primaries. Sanders was the loudest but, when push came to shove, he didn’t turn out the youth vote and didn’t have establishment support.

In November, Sanders might have had the most enthusiastic support, but Biden will be better at getting people to actually coming out to vote. Also, people don’t hate him as much as Hillary.

Wonder if he knows where he is today?

My name is Boe Jiden and I want to congratulate Sernie Banders on running a campaign of truths that we hold to be self evident and you know the thing.


That’s him! :grinning: