There Can Be Only One!

At least Bernie had the consideration to drop out so the Dems can now concentrate on formulating some good buzz words and talking points that they can level against Trump’s handling of the Corona crisis. The day after the all clear is given start listening for them, they only have 7 months of smearing time left before they get Trumped again…

Well, that’s never going to happen.

Trump is mentally sharp. None of his critics(hint hint) or the media could handle him in a debate.

Joe on the other hand is scrambled at this point.

Bernie… the worst communist revolutionary in history.

Criticisms of Donald Trump don’t even matter anymore. Even Democratic voters are going to vote Trump over Biden

In case my thread gets axed because you started this one It’s official: Crazy Bernie is dropping out of the race. Democrats never wanted anything to do with Crazy Bernie - it was RIGGED against him from the start.

FIRST, they had failing candidates Amy Klobuchar, Pete Boot-Edge-Edge, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, Kirsten Gillibrand, Tulsi Gabbard, Robert Francis O’Rourke, and Mini Mike endorse Sleepy Joe.

THEN, they made Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren quit (at least now she can enjoy a nice cold beer with her husband)!

And NOW, with the help of the corrupt media and Sleepy Joe, they just flat out forced Crazy Bernie to drop out.

The Left has finished off Bernie, and it’s only a matter of time before they’re going to come after Our President.

It has been a wild roller coaster ride.images (8)

It was rigged! They had politicians…endorse someone who isn’t him.


Biden won the most votes in the primaries.

Sanders had no path to the nomination, especially after taking Texas.

“They” are the primary voters and will be the Biden voters.

Making an appeal to Sander’s voters is a much easier thing this time around than in 2016 and the mistakes of the Clinton campaign will hopefully not be repeated in the midwest.

All those candidates and they ended up with an old straight white male.
2024 has a very good chance of seeing the first Republican woman to be president. Just one more chance to grind down the Democrat ideology.

Yeah… winning more votes and actually winning something is “rigged” to some people.

Yup after Our President Trump finishes his second term

Could have had a woman of Color. Chose an old white dude.

Could have had a person of color. Chose an old white dude.

Could have had a white woman. Chose an old white dude.

Could have had a young person. Chose an old white dude.

Could have had a homosexual. Chose an old white dude.

Could have had a poor (relatively) person. Chose a rich old white dude.


Unlike 2016 this is worse because the neo libs are replacing him with a guy with dementia.

Yeah… go with that.

Hey… is that a plank in one’s eye?

It’s almost as if they’re racist, misogynistic homophobes or something…:thinking:

Nah, couldn’t be, we all know only Republicans and conservatives are those things.


That is truly delusional.

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Yes but unfortunately there are still idiots like Nutzio- Cortez still in office.

Plenty of time for a terror crisis…then a scandal…then another impeachment.

He is a very bad orange man.

Yeah, well it took the Democrat voters a bit of time to figure out who has the best chance of beating Trump. Which he will.

So it has nothing to do with principles or policies nor even a “good person”? It’s just “beat Trump”?

No he won’t.