There Can Be Only One!

Bernie quit again. Even dems reject him.

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That is a sure sign the CV19 epidemic has concluded.

He actually blamed the virus some.

The virus has taken the wind out of a lot of primary campaigning.

“It wouldn’t be appropriate…”

Sure. His strength was his live events and they got yanked right out from under him.

His timing tells me the news cycle is shifting since the COVID counters are slowing down.

I kinda miss them. Only around when times are tough.

Reminds me of the debt counter on Fox.


JG Wentworth school of public policy.

Get ready for the upcoming right wing talking point that actually Sanders was the more moderate candidate and the Democrats rejected him for a full blown socialist like Biden. Biden is the most left wing candidate ever!


I don’t think that will be the area of attack the right will go with when Dementia and kid sniffing is on the menu.


It will once those fall apart.

Or the body counters from Iraq.

“Truth and facts be damned”

Trump is currently on Twitter trying very hard to divide the Democratic party.

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Because the comparison to Trump is pretty glaring. Trump babbles on like an incoherent toddler, and brags about sexually assaulting women.

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I will not be surprised if Trump pays more attention to Biden then the Covid outbreak.

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It’s transparent and pathetic.

That’s delusional.

There is no room for Bernie supporters withing the democrat party.

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