The White House Is Revoking Press Passes En Masse

Trump is circling the ole wagons. Kicking the press out and making it virtually impossible for them to meet crazy standards. Is just a game to keep reporters away from the White House.

I’m glad you guys elected this dude. He’s doing all the stuff that you were told that Obama did in the Republican media.

If you’re a person who is for government transparency now is a time to speak up. Now is not the time to be weak.

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Our President is killing America.


This should cause an outrage but I doubt it will phase the Trump fanatics.

I hope they kicked Fox News to the curb. I hope the next democratic president never allows them anywhere on the grounds.

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Donnie is a tiny scared man. Sycophants only, please! Pillow talk with pundits, ok, but no meanies allowed!

What’s he so chicken about?

I find it incredible that Trump supporters refuse to see this as a sign of an increasingly authoritarian administration that wants to remove any form of transparency.

I would be just as concerned if a Democrat was doing this but we all know there can be no dissent in the cult of Trump.


The first question I always ask myself when I see him make a move like this is - “ok, what is he hiding / running from?”


I think he would set up a government news agency like Tass in a heartbeat if he could.

What a cowardly ■■■■ of a President


For whatever reason the men that support Donald Trump are too weak to stand up to him.

He’s like the mean father they’re afraid to cross.

Why should the White House talk to the press? Donald has Twitter and he can talk directly to the people without ever having to take an inappropriate question. Everybody wins.

If you’re a transparency person you can speak up now.

And his followers would subscribe en mass.

If the press can’t be fair they shouldn’t have passes.

If voters can’t be fair in 2020 we shouldn’t have an election.


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He already has one. It’s called Fox.


Very True!
I find it totally ridiculous when he will talk to partisan pundits instead of actual journalists.Trump is setting a dangerous precedent which may come back to bite his party when the reins of power change.

These are the times that try men’s souls.

The ones that haven’t already sold theirs.


Most of 'em have had their souls eaten away a small bite at a time.

They refuse to see it.

That’s right. I forgot. Thanks.

To be fair they dont even miss it…

Or had them eaten.

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