The White House is ignoring "red lines" from China. What could go wrong?

China is issuing a “red line” warning similar to those that Russia issued back in December 2021. The issue from China’s perspective is that the trip of the US Speaker of the House to Taiwan signals that the US is promoting independence for Taiwan in violation of 1970s agreements that resulted in US recognition of the government of Beijing. The response from White House has been similar in both cases.

Will the Biden administration succeed in provoking another bloody war with a nuclear-armed adversary?

The US is moving a nuclear-aircraft-carrier battle group into position between the mainland of China and Taiwan. How does gunboat diplomacy work when the adversary is armed with hypersonic missiles that can quickly sink the ships?

The economies of the US and Europe are rapidly going into recession as a result of the sanctions war with Russia. What would they look like after a sanctions war with China as well?

J’Biden claimed he knows all about “foreign relations”. Perhaps Ol Folksy Joe is so knowledgeable he can’t comprehend an adversary like the ChiComs threatening to blow the aircraft carrying the US speaker of the House out of the sky?
Or maybe if Ole Joey just ignores it it will go away?

Pelosi is supposedly going to Taiwan as a private citizen, not as an official representative of the government. If that were really true, then why not delay the trip until after she retires in a few months?

It looks like Biden is trying to create a confrontation with China to distract from the mess he created in Ukraine.

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these pathetic children democrats are going to start a world war yet

I can’t imagine China would be stupid enough to escalate this to anything more than it is and I don’t know the purpose of going to Taiwan is that’s important enough to escalate this? Is China correct in that it goes against the 1970s “One China” agreement?

This trip, which Beijing perceives as an egregious transgression of Washington’s longstanding one-China policy, is already so incendiary that the Pentagon is now planning to send in fighter jets and other war machinery to protect Pelosi’s plane in case of attacks by the Chinese military.

Now if we’re triggered enough to have to send in escort military jets…this goes right back to the basic premise of any important decison…risk/reward. The risk is obvious but what isn’t obvious…is the reward? Can somebody explain it? If not, this is a bad idea by Pelosi.

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Yes, Biden seems to be little more than a puppet of the most extreme warmongers in Washington.

Most of the congressional Republicans are in bed with Biden on this, so this problem is not limited to Democrats.

Where are the adults in the room calling for restraint and negotiations rather than confrontation?


The main issue for the White House appears to be how to maximize Democrat chances for the November elections.

Thermonuclear war is a minor issue if it prevents a Republican landslide.

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China is in sore need of a distraction from their real estate/banking crisis as well.

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She is already on China crap list for the stunt she pulled laying flowers in Tianamen square.

The Biden and Pelosi families have huge investments related to China. There is some irony that Beijing is angry that they are getting stiffed.

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I think the country has been paying attention to Russia so long that they haven’t had time to see the real can of worms ready to be opened. One would have thought covid and the millions locked in concentration camps would change some opinions in Washington but not so much.

It would be interesting to know what talks have been going on between the government and the largest China consumer companies (i.e. WalMart, Target, etc.). Xi has already seen what sanctions we put on Russia. And I am pretty sure he doesn’t want that kind of treatment. Xi has to keep playing nice with the US. And the sword rattling is just that.

So you want us to kowtow to China? The country that gave us the China virus the country flooding death to us through fentanyl, stealing all our intellectual property, just say go ahead and take Taiwan?


■■■■ china.


Let’s not forget the stern tongue lashing Biden recently gave Xi over the phone about genocide and forced labor of minorities. The conversation China says never happened. Will they be embarrassed when Biden releases the transcripts of that part of the conversation.

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We will never see those transcripts.

Particularly as we get closer to 2025, we should acknowledge that, win or lose, the United States will take grievous losses, even should a war with China remain exclusively conventional.

Referring to Table 3.2 in the above linked report.

In a protracted war the United States WILL lose multiple Nimitz/Ford-class carriers. The United States will lose a substantial portion of its surface warfare fleet.

We could possibly lose a couple of attack submarines, particularly subs sent in to operate in the immediate waters of China.

Yes, China will still have greater losses.

But we will suffer loses of the sort not seen since World War II.

If it comes down to that, just know that it will be brutal for us, if not more for China.

Why do I get the feeling that if it was oh lets say Trump going you would all be on support of him going.

China is not going to declare all out war on the USA because of Pelosi.

I have been on this forum and so many times I have heard how something the dems are going to do will end America.

Heck we were told a few months ago that by now American armed forces would be fighting in Ukraine.

So far our troops are not fighting in the Ukraine, only the taxpayers.

The report is from 2016 and does not consider the possibility that NATO would already be losing a proxy war in Ukraine and a sanctions war with Russia.

There is no guarantee that the US would win a war with China.

What would the American response be to the loss of a nuclear aircraft carrier to Chinese missiles?