The Whistleblower complain has been declassifed

will likely be out tomorrow morning.

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I’m a little surprised at the speed of all this. No court fight?

I am guessing it will be unprecedented on multiple levels.

Should be a clue that there is nothing in it that will result in an impeachment conviction in the Senate.


Thankfully no impeachment is happening

Impeachment may or may not happen but conviction is unlikely given the facts to date.

All that and trump is still president of all the libs.

Awesomely hilarious!

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I’ll wait for the public release.

Will you? So, are you opposed to impeachment until you have it?

I’m pragmatic with this…I can see both arguments…

If this turns out to be nothing, or Trump comes out unscathed, the Current Democrat leaders are done. It will take a long time for them to recover from this.

Well yes since it was filed by someone outside of the the authority required under the law and made against someone whom the IG has no authority over.

That would certainly be unprecedented.

Do you believe the American people have a right to know if their President was shaking down a foreign government by withholding agreed to aid until they helped him with election dirt?

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We already know that he wasn’t so that’s a moot point.

Of course we don’t.

The Republican trust in the honesty of politicians is touching. Quaint even.

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Yes we do, we know that because we have the President who was supposedly being coerced to do so until the aid was released saying it never happened and the aid was released.

Then cite for us from the summary of the call where it took place.

What we know is that the aid was agreed to by Congress, blocked by the White House, and then Trump demanded discussions about this dumb, nonsensical conspiracy as a prerequisite to speaking with Zelinksy.

No, we don’t know any such thing. That is a fabrication.